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The Banking Scam

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On With The Facade... 18.Feb.2002 01:02

mike montagne - PEOPLE For Perfect Economy mike.montagne@perfecteconomy.com

On With The Facade...

You are designing the first combustion engine. A prototype finally starts. It sputters, it coughs. It stumbles. You envisioned smooth delivery of power. Efficient power. Your very initial objective was to achieve full possible power. Is an engine to cough? Is an engine barely to run?

NO ONE would ever have built a decent engine if we exclaimed only how wonderful all the "running" amidst all the first sputtering.

Imposition of a central banking system on true free enterprise runs quite the opposite course. It takes a free running engine, and irreversibly multiplies its debt until it can run no more. That it ran in the first place, that it ran for some time, and that it improved its production at times even faster than usury imposed ever greater oppression is no testament the subject commerce can sustain itself against the multiplying costs of debt forever.

In fact commerce is finite; And a system which can only multiply debt in proportion to commerce certainly is bound at some time to exceed the capacity of finite commerce to support infinite, irreversible multiplication of debt.