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Urban sprawl protest outside of Eugene

Urban sprawl protest outside Eugene
A proposed 9 acre subdivision outside Eugene in the community of Santa Clara has resulted in a citizen campaign to stop the project.One local activist stopped work for the day earlier in the week when she locked down to a huge backhoe.The parcel of land,owned by the wealthy Huling family of Eugene,has mostly already been cleared of trees in preparation for the proposed subdivision.They clearly violated Eugene city ordinances prohibiting removal of over 5 trees per acre over 8 inched in diameter.The area is within Eugene's urban growth boundry,and the owners will be applying to annex the area into the city soon.Neighbors are very opposed to the project and have organized to stop the project,citing issues such as the slough running through the edge of the area,and the likelyhood that floods will wash their houses out in the future as a result of many new houses being built over the flood canal.The entire area was under 4 feet of water just 3 years ago.Neighbors and community member attended a informational meeting and media event saturday and it is obvious the community is very opposed to more urban sprawl.The only way Eugene can spread further is on the north end,and the area has already been hammered hard with thousands of houses being built on tiny lots covering prime Willamette valley farmland.There has also been a citizen campaign ongoing in the area to oppose a proposed new gravelpit by Eugene Sand and Gravel.Now activist from Eugene Tree Foudation and Save our Valley group as well as Cascadian enviornmental activists are working to stop this latest subdivision.Local corporate media covered the issue as their lead story saturday and actually did a fairly good job of covering the issue,they spoke of the project in terms of "urban sprawl" and interviewed senior citizens horrified they might be flooded out as a result of the project.More info soon..........