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9.11 investigation

Bush Daddy Stupidity

How stupid? They make turds look smart!
My Daddy said that you shouldn't have to dig at all to uncover the stupidity that
allows the "Bush Daddy Serpent" Id= 132033 to thrive throughout the earth.
Since my Dec. 18th abduction at Cornell, I have written nine articles (Ids=
108404-132033) with possibilities about how to address the lawlessness that
arises from this stupidity; but still justice will not go forth (Hab. 1:4). To avoid a
repeat of my failed appeal for reversal of judgments related to my unlawful
hospitalization in 98 & 99 (Id=25099); I have tried to ascertain that the judge
received my hand-delivered letter several weeks after I delivered it. However if
some punk rogue cop keeps prancing into court and asserting that he has
enough punk rogues to support my false arrest, the judge might go along with it
if the judge has already supported this Assault, Battery, Abduction, and Abuse
of Police Powers. Once these punk rogues get their "foot in the door", they
have ways of continuing to engender support for their crimes. Since all
courtroom utterances can be recorded, the trick is for the judge to get the punk
rogues to confess to crimes by asking questions and nodding the head in
approval as the rogues describe their lawless conduct, for the rogues really
don't know what is legal. Then the judge could add "highlights" and "color" in a
"play by play" format before submitting the courtroom recording for broadcast
as "Courtroom Capers" or something like that: "This campus security officer
talks like he is Chief of Zion's Secret Police, doesn't he?...It sounds like he just
confessed to a capital crime, punishable by death! He must be very
brave!...That sounds like free lance assault! Better keep your powder dry!...
Wasn't he sweet? Who can oppose such sweetness? Our guest today
sounded like Some Important Ninny; i.e. S.I.N. itself! Tune in next week for the
next episode of "Courtroom Capers" (Prov. 26:5)". Such an approach should
prove that if you expose the devil, he will flee (Eph. 5:11), then maybe justice
won't stand so far off (Is. 59:1-15).

Keep in mind that the stupidity of the Bush Daddy Tribe is not restricted to
law enforcement. Not only does it seem like this stupidity prevails in every
department or organization established in the past 30 years; but it also seems
to prevail in older organizations like the Human Rights Commission where they
seem to brag about doing one classic disability case per year, suppressing
justice the rest of the time. All of these punk rogues support the punk rogue
cops that make up Zion's Secret Police and vice versa (Ids=104469 &
109956). The same mindset that enables the side effects of the psychotropic
medications of psychiatry to "usher" patients to the grave seems to prevail
throughout medicine (Id=29650). Although there are some good physicians,
the ultimate goal of medicine seems to be to create the illusion that patients
are dependent on some medication and/or treatment for the rest of their lives.
In the light of the probability that AIDS is caused by Anthrax (124412), that
diphtheria was phosgene poisoning (80050), that petroleum poisoning is
rampant (93606), and that the principle cause of asthma is asbestoes
(60292); it is obvious that the pertinent facts about these afflictions are being
concealed. As a result of my own experiences with a fractured leg (42982 &
43171) and psychiatry (25099 & 62371) and other medical happenings that I
have witnessed (43985); I would seek holistic treatment over medical
treatment for practically anything, and I would advise others to do the same if
they asked me. Holistic is probably not called "wholistic" in order to make it
sound more like religion. Although many of those providing holistic treatment,
such as chiropractors, are denigrated as quacks, they have an education
equivalent to that of a medical doctor minus the internship. They should be
able to explain the physiological and metabolic manifestations of your problem
and the proposed treatment down to the molecular level in order for you to
understand the need to follow the prescribed remedy to any problem. Such
discourse would be a welcome change in a world where the authoritive
conviction of the stupidity of punk rogues and brain-damaged coprophagists
(70672) seems to prevail.

Bush Daddy Stupidity also appears to reign throughout the air, where "fair is
foul" and "foul is fair". Bush Daddy says that the former Air Force One
helicopter that has been broadcasting chemicals on Ithaca for years now
(104469)is here with the approval of the Federal Aviation Administration, and
that is why the military can't do anything about it. Furthermore Bush Daddy
says that the plane crashes of 9/11/01 were the result of tampering that left
those planes radio-controlled from the ground. That explains the scarcity of
information coming forth from the FAA, and the thousands of Storm Troopers
combing the crash sites, probably to retrieve the radio-control devices. Thus
out of the fabricated investigations, they fabricated a war to glorify Bush
Daddy's illiterate kid as a war hero (62855, 64528, 65960, & 66464). I cannot
locate what I have previously written about the micoscopic or miniature
surveillance "bugs" that are utilized by the BDT. These "bugs" probably
materialized with Bush Daddy's tenure at the CIA, and BD claims that these
"bugs" have no moving parts and are run by radio waves, that they cannot be
detected by sight , that they also include spheroid "bugs" that can be dropped
anywhere, and that BDT "bugs" everybody's house, including other members
of BDT (Prov. 4:19). The restricted airwaves that carry transmissions from
these "bugs" must produce scenes that make BDT seem like a houseful of
psychopaths, walking around carrrying concealed weapons and muttering
veiled threats to one another (See Comedy Capers comment Id= 27971).

Along with the "..Depraved Dementia" Id=31133), Bush Daddy Stupidity has
allowed the BDT to prevail. They love being threatened by their comrades to
do evil, for they feel that makes them victims and justifies their evil. Keep in
mind that when they try to efface Israel from being a nation (Ps. 83:4
Id=93509), they probably become guilty of the capital crime of genocide, for
they are trying to destroy an ethnic group; i.e. a set of individuals whose
identity is distinctive in terms of common cultural tradition. By the transgression
of their lips, the BDT turns justice into poison (Prov. 12:13; Amos 6:12).
Expose their folly and they will flee (Prov. 13:16). Those of the BDT who make
it to Hooterville (29190) will probably be the lucky ones, for their stupidity has
brought the "Dwelling of Violence" (Amos 6:3; Id= 44378) back on their own
heads. Their stupidity has stirred up Israelites who are going to take up the
sword never to put it down, knowing that they are going to perish by the sword
themselves (Mt. 26:52). God bless the Israelites! They do not love their lives so
much as to shrink from death (Rev. 12:11). They will be back here in a few
years for the first resurrection (Rev. 20:5), and the earth will never be the same
again because they CARED! When BDT embraced stupidity like it was part of
their "covenant with death" (Is. 28:15), this stupidity became the equivalent of a
religion that will have the BDT worshipping some Crazy Asinine Lowdown Fool
as their Great Dead King (Hosea 10:3,15; Id= 120932). Nuff said?

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Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger

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