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David Rovics to Play This Wednesday, Feb 20th

Political Songwriter, David Rovics to play at Red and Black
Portland has an all too rare opportunity to listen to David Rovics Wednesday Feb 20th at 8:30 at the Red and Black Cafe.

Rovics has been called this generation's Pete Seeger. His songs range from those of political struggle "Minimum Wage Strike", to broadside "Henry Ford was a Fascist" to songs of personal growth "Song for my Daughter."

For more info on David check out www.davidrovics.com

Cover will be $5. The Red and Black is located on the corner of 22nd and SE Division. The cafe is all ages, non-smoking and serves beer and wine to those of age.

David is also playing on KBOO 90.7 at 6PM the same day.

phone: phone: 503.231.3899
address: address: 2138 SE Division

Feb. 19th 17.Feb.2002 22:22


If you can't make it to the Red and Black, come hear David Rovics and Allie Rosenblatt in concert at Reed College on Feb. 19th, starting at 8:45 pm. It's a free event.

From the Library parking lot (off Woodstock down the hill from 39th) walk past the library, past the circle in the driveway, parallel Eliot Hall for a bit, and go into the building (Winch) straight ahead of you.