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Bridge Elves Pictures

Since Christmas, the bridge elves have been going out on weekday mornings from 8-9am and holding signs in a row to spell out a sentence fostering peace. Each time they choose a different bridge and they have been very dedicated. They said they would love to see more people coming out and cover more than one bridge each time.

Peace Elves 17.Feb.2002 22:39


The Peace Elves show how just a few people can have a big impact. Great job!

you go, christina! 25.Feb.2002 12:36

glacier elf

i think the peace elves are the raddest!

Another possibility 16.Sep.2002 15:15

Peter Bergel pbergel@peacenet.org

This is great! Another related option is to make much larger signs and stand in a safe spot beside a freeway. We did this a number of time in the Salem area years ago. I estimated then that some 20,000 people saw us in 3 hours! The highway patrol did not harass us if we were well off the roadway. We did make the effort to inform them, though, as a courtesy.