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OlympiKs 02

About the 'pares' Skating 02 OlympiK Gold Medal farce.

Ok. Two gold Medals for the skaters.

Well, Lets give every other event 2 Gold Medals ? ...its easy to fix any oversight for any event [it doesn't matter if the event is settled or not] the criteria is the same as for the Pairs =
...among the finalists, whoever turns in the performance that would have gotten them eliminated at any level of competition before Qualifying for the finals[first] gets the second Gold Medal.

This commemorates the - shabby * second rate - mediocre performance of the Russians during their final skate... if we are going to reward Krap performances with the Gold, lets at least be consistent and reward them all on the basis of a common consistent criteria.

And why stop there, lets just give everyone who tried out for the Olympics a Gold Medal... that way, every one can 'be home', or 'go home', feeling good about themselves, and we stop the heart break of defeat.

The Russian performance was untimely, inelegant, poorly executed, a general embarrassment, and everyone watching could see that the Russian pair knew they blew their show.
The single most offensive point : Two Professional Russian Athletes accepted an award they Know they did not win and do not deserve... in Olympic history, when has there been such a complete lack of sportsmanship displayed on the field ?

How could they sink so low ? How can such deadbeats ever show-up to compete again ?

Well. the Gold Medal is after all 'yellow'... so, it is time to change 'the Medal for best' to Diamond.
And Gold can be used for what it has become a sop to whoever shows up for try-outs. How totally disgusting ! Just like the US Military's black barrette.

Speaking of which, disgusting... Where is 'Eddie' the Eagles Gold Medal ??? Should Eddie sue ?


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Bread and Circus' -while people die 16.Feb.2002 09:31

lets do something more apropos

Yes and Hitler had the games in Berlin while he was implementing the holocaust.

not true 17.Feb.2002 11:15

some one's lying

The story about the Olympics in Germany in 1936 is false. The final solution was begun untill the beginning of the war.