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Congressional Subcommittee on "Eco-terrorism"

Does This Political Posture Make Me Look Fat? -- Craig Rosebraugh appeared before the Congressional Subcommittee Hearing on Eco-terrorism on Tuesday Feb. 12, 2002.
In a circular room, beneath a crescent of congresspeople on their elevated soapboxes, Craig Rosebraugh, former spokesperson for the North American Earth Liberation Front, pled the 5th to all questions but "Did you submit written testimony?" (Yes) and "Are you a U.S. citizen?" (Yes) ... the latter, only after consulting with his attorney. Questions ranged from who his acquaintances are to queries about his opinions of social change tactics. Many representatives chose only to soliloquize and asked no questions. Among the assertions were that PETA and Ben & Jerry's can be considered terrorist organizations because they've given money to activist causes to which the government status quo objects.

Overall, comments about the hearing were that it seemed disorganized and amateurish, the government operatives not even equipped to answer their own legal questions. The impression was that Scott McInnis considered this hearing his own little grandstand, but had spent more time thinking about the spotlight than how to use it. Indicating perhaps a lack of real confidence, "fillers" at the back of the line were invited and admitted to the hearing in front of (and instead of) many Rosebraugh supporters patiently waiting in vain to be included in this exhibition of participatory democracy.

The media was in full attendance at the hearing, and a small protest was held in front of the Longworth building where it took place. One reporter was heard to ask McInnis if he didn't think it was offensive and ridiculous to compare activists with an organization like Al Quaeda that is responsible for much loss of life.

In the end, the subcommittee seemed nonplussed about what to do with the resolute Mr. Rosebraugh and let him go ... with the assertion that they will send him questions that he must answer to their satisfaction under threat of Congressional Contempt hearings if he does not.
this is great 15.Feb.2002 22:38


our congress is unsure what to do with one of the few known living elfs

read the written statement to know they should be shaky at the weakness of their power over people no longer fraternized with despotic fools looming over their own castles edge

ground will shake castles will fall earth will rise people of the earth rise rise rise

Climate Justice 17.Feb.2002 18:11

Craig Stehr ecocrafter@altavista.com

If the United States government is flummoxed by the autonomous actions of animal defenders and forest conservationists, it will be totally bewildered by the campaigns related to climate justice. Climate destabilization is more critical ecologically than any other environmental concern, and "intervening in history" is necessary, at once! Since the U.S. govt. is irresponsible in the face of this global superproblem, and current administrative policies are idiotic, there is no other possibility for the spiritually sane than to organize and do direct action. Please get involved with the Rising Tide network, and a good book on the subject is "The Carbon War", by Jeremy Leggett (former director of Greenpeace's Climate Campaign), ISBN 0-415-93102-9(pbk.). No compromise.

Thank the cosmos for the Craig's of the world 21.Feb.2002 10:23


Excellent work rising tide. Hold tight defenders of life. We're invisible, but we're behind you. Keep up the great work.