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Cascadia Forest Alliance wishlist

Wishlist of supplies to support forest defence, and things you can to keep Cascadia green.
Porland based Cascadia Forest Alliance, in coalition with other forest defense groups, eco-organizations rural residents and local labor unions is gearing up for a wild summer of action in defense of ancient forests, with new encampments and blockades soon to be poping up all over the West Coast! CFA organizes direct action around forest protection issues, we live in trees, block roads, and employ other non-violent tactics to directly disrupt industrial de-forestation. I thought I'd take the liberty of posting a list of things people can donate to help out. A lot of this stuff is collecting dust in your garage right now:

-Get involved!!! Drive and hike food out to the woods or come live at a base camp. There's snow right now. We can provide snowshoes and skis. Help us do outreach in rural communities. Drive activists to other cities(give us a call if you're going somewhere). Let travelling activists sleep on your couch
-$$$$$$$Money, come down to the office and contribute to the broke activist fund.
-bulk food and medicinal herbs, peanut butter, outs, grains, granola, dried fruits and nuts, maple syrup, vegan chocolate, if you work at a local grocery or restuarant, hook us up!
bow or crossbow with weighted, unpointed arrows (for shooting rope into trees)
-rope, black static climbing rope, red and black truckers rope, parachute cord, 1/4" yellow polyprop.
-climbing gear check out  http://www.treeclimbingworld.com/NewTribe.htm (tell 'em it's for CFA).
-wool pants, socks, sweaters, hats, and blankets,also "straight" looking clothes: business suits, etc.
-rain gear
-office: copy machine, hook-up for free copies, MacIntosh printer, laptops, phones and faxes
-CB, Ham, shortwave, walkie-talkie radios, police scanners, cell phones
-hammers, nails, screws, drills, crowbars.
-bikes, parts, bike carts and tools (help us fix up old bikes!)
-cars, vans, buses or RVs (working or junk)
-car batteries
-movement friendly auto mechanics
-eco-friendly bio-diesel fuel (smash oil imperialism!)
-sound systems (mixers, amps, speakers)
-video projectors
-motorized dirt bikes and 4-wheeler ATVs
-googles, industrial air resperators.
-camping gear: tents, tarps (green camoflague is best), sleeping bags, foam padding, flashlights, headlamps, candles, lanterns, backpacks, saws and hatchets, picks and shovels, binoculars, compasses
-thick canvas for banners
-art supplies, paint, photo emulsion for silkscreening
-christmas lights
-fire estinguishers
-barbed wire, chainlink fence, long metal poles
-solar panels, windows, sheets of clear plexiglass
-musical instruments
-good books

CFA's office is at corner of SE Clinton and SE, drop stuff off there. We recieve mail at PO Box 4946. Portland OR, 97208. There are no paid staff at CFA so all monetary donations will go straight into direct action campaigns. If you would like to make a tax exempt contribution, make your check out to the League f Wilderness Defenders and send to the above address. No donation is too small or too large. thanks!

Please print this and put it on your wall or re-post it

homepage: homepage: http://www.cascadiaforestalliance.org
phone: phone: 503-241-4879
address: address: SE Clinton and 16th, Portland Oregon

ERRORS on list PLEASE read 16.Feb.2002 00:22

Little John

okay so listen here there are a few errors

-if you want to get us climbing gear, come to the office, the store that gives us the best discount is up the street.
-The office is at SE 16th and Clinton
-We don't need a printer

PLEASE CALL BEFORE YOU COME!!!!!! 16.Feb.2002 00:25

Little John

Please call before you drop things off. Make sure we are here and that we haven't already recieved the item(s) already.(we haven't the biggest amount of space)

wait there's more 16.Feb.2002 23:23

Friar Tuck, Little John, and the other guy

-ultralight aircraft, ideally pedal powered or bio-diesel
-gas masks
-end of commericial logging on publicly owned lands
-end of unsustainable logging
-end of unsustainablity.
-the start of being positive
-peace and justice for all
-port number for POP3 email services
-a place to put our compost