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Historic News: PCUN ends NORPAC boycott

historic breakthrough in the norpac boycott! pcun and norpac reach tentative agreement on a framework for collective bargaining on norpac member farms! boycott of norpac products is suspended!
On February 14th, PCUN President Ramon Ramirez and NORPAC Foods CEO Rick Jacobson signed a tentative agreement which will establish guidelines for farmworker unionization on the farms of growers who supply products to NORPAC.

The parties will define the specifics for these guidelines in a process they have committed to complete by early May. We believe that the agreement is establishing an innovative partnership with NORPAC and NORPAC member growers.

PCUN suspended the Boycott effective immediately. PCUN and NORPAC issued a joint statement on the agreement. The full text of the statement is reproduced on the PCUN website (www.pcun.org).

"This is an historic accomplishment for farm workers, who will now have clear and enforceable guidelines that provide them with an opportunity to elect PCUN to represent them," said Ramirez. "If they do elect to join PCUN, it also establishes a framework for contract negotiations with the participating NORPAC member-growers."

"We are extremely pleased with what we've worked out so far because it provides a regulated, fair process that the growers and farm workers are involved in," said Jacobson. "I appreciate that PCUN has cooperated with us in developing a framework that will bring benefits to farm workers and NORPAC's participating family farmers."

The talks which produced this agreement began on February 4th at the invitation of Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber. A key factor was the efforts of Sodexho, the largest food service company in the U.S., who had requested that NORPAC and PCUN work to complete an agreement by February 15th.

PCUN began the NORPAC Boycott in September 1992 and has attracted support from hundreds of campus, religious, labor and community organizations in the U.S., Canada. Student groups and religious organizations have been especially active, along with the Canadian Labour Congress. Today's breakthrough has been made possible by the efforts of thousands of workers and supporters.

We will send updates on this process as events indicate.

?Si se puede!

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