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Trident submarine blockaded

Trident submarine blockaded, Faslane Scotland
Three day Faslane Blockade off to a flying start
by trident ploughshares,  big_blockade@hotmail.com Mon, Feb 11 2002, 6:21pm

Faslane closed down for over 3 hours
500 determined and non-violent nuclear disarmament activists are successfully blockading the Trident nuclear submarine base at Faslane,
Scotland. The blockade, which began at 7am, is the start of 3 days of non-violent direct action (February
11-13) to close down the base. Police have begun arresting people for peacefully blocking the gates, all of
which are closed. Over 90 activists have been arrested so far (11am). Calm heads and calm weather have
characterised a safe protest which is expected to last well into the afternoon.