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Jane's Olympic Addiction to Banyan

Stephen Perkins' Banyan thrills Olympic crowds in Salt Lake City.
Banyan gives an grand performance in Salt Lake City

As unconfirmed reports of vote trading among Olympic judges continues to snowball into a bigger scandal, "Fat Tuesday" was fat as it gets when Stephen Perkins [Jane's Addiction, Porno for Pyros] and Mike Watt's [The Minute Men] Banyan wowed the Olympic crowd at Zephyr, the premier live music venue in Salt Lake City. Owned by the Mileti family, former owners of the best Italian restaurant in Park City, Zephyr was the perfect spot for the boys to whip it out, blow the roof off, and then burn down the barn.

Here's a little lineage to acclimate you to the quality of musicianship that creates this type of experience.

Stephen Perkins drum playing is like nothing I've ever seen. Westworld meets Blade runner, meets Terminator as Perkins morphs into a locomotive his driving style drumming your senses towards a vortex of sound that IS Banyan. And he did it barefoot.

No Doubt, Rage Against The Machine, Perry Farrel, Nine Inch Nails, Jane's Addiction, Dedicated: A Tribute to the Grateful Dead, Buckethead, Dave Navarro, Rancid, Tibetan Freedom Concert, Ugly Kid Joe, Welcome to Our Nightmare: A Tribute to Alice Cooper, Love and Rockets, MTV's 120 Minutes Live, Rob Wasserman, Monk With A Gun, Infectious Grooves, Methods of Mayhem, Porno for Pyros and an assortment of movie soundtracks is just a part of what Perkins has in his musical portfolio.

Outstanding Jazz Artist of 1999 is an understatement of the talent of Nels Cline. Clines playing defies words as he aggressively chops through the paces on his guitar.

Mike Watt [The Minutemen] on "thump staff" provides a provocative plucky Chooogala bottom that makes the rhythm section a fine canvas upon which to add in Memphis Wildman Willie Waldman on Trumpet [Memphis Horns and Snoop Doggie Dog], pogoing up and down in between a gust of notes blowing through the room.

Bob Wasserman [Rat Dog] who has played with Jerry Garcia, Lou Reed, Elvis Costello, David Grisman and Lour Reed, just to name a few alternates play dates with Mike Watt to accommodate scheduling. Beastie Boys keyboardist Mark Nishita was part of an early configuration.

Guest musicians have included Flea from the Hot Chili Peppers. The Peppers BloodSugarSexMagik was dedicated to Mike Watt. As well as a nod to Watt's FIREHOUSE in the lyrics to "Good Time Boys" from Mother's Milk. Chili Peppers John Frusciante, as well as ex-Porno for Pyros Martyn LeNoble lend more depth to the list of people who work around with Banyan.

On top of all of this, the visual experienced is enhanced as performance artist Norton Wisdom paints on a back lit screen. Wisdom's works have been exhibited in Munich, Berlin, New York, and L.A.

Attaching definitions to these artist works seems a bit confining, but if you can imagine acid jazz, fusion, hard rock/metal, country, funk, hip-hop, ambient, industrial, Dead, Coltrane, meets a Creedence Clearwater Revival of The Doors you might be close.

Depending on what night you see the band, you could get anything from King Crimson's 21st Century Schizoid Man to Bobby Blue Bland's "Turn On Your Lovelight". Tuesday night the song that brought down the house was The Funkadelic's Maggot Brain.

The original, a heavily eclectic piece was recorded in one take. Banyon's cover is excellent. I have included the lyrics for your reading pleasure.

Maggot Brain

{Eddie Hazel, G Clinton}
Mother Earth is pregnant for the third time
For y'all have knocked her up.
I have tasted the maggots in the mind of the universe
I was not offended
For I knew I had to rise above it all
Or drown in my own shit.

Come on Maggot Brain
Go on Maggot Brain

Lonesome, Ornery and Mean

On a sad note, Waylon Jennings died yesterday. He left a huge legacy in the music industry, first as the bass player for Buddy Holly. Holly produced Waylon's first record [Jennings gave his seat on the plane up to the Big Bopper the DAY THE MUSIC DIED] then as an Outlaw he shared the same integrity as Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash. Jennings bucked the music "system" in Nashville and brought Country Music firmly into the mainstream with the first platinum album to be recorded in Nashville.

Via con dios amigo.

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So Rage Against the Machine wowed the elite 14.Feb.2002 15:00

Just want to know

I thought that Rage would be entertaining another crowd, the ones on the other side of the concertina wire
and behind the police lines. Well as long as the elite are entertained, they may learn something in the process
we can only hope.

Maybe 14.Feb.2002 18:45

Nihil Allahntin ysab@efn.org

All the money and all the time spent enjoying yourselves could have been spent on something a lot more practical, like social change. "Fuck ALL commercialism." The dead are D-e-A-d. And I'm in RAGE about rage. So all you MTV'ers. "Go fuck yourself." FIST!


Mainstream fucks! 14.Feb.2002 19:17


Rage against the machine is and always has been a sell-out,hopeless,bunch of losers and they really proved it here.All those other mainstream crapheads play the corporate game so hard it is really apparent they have very little to say.Rage against the machine mainly attracts misguided idiots.