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Climate Destabilization Dramatic Epic

Dramatic epic concerning climate destabilization, to be performed on Earth Day, April 22nd.
Warm spiritual greetings everyone, The Climate Action NOW! road show which I helped to create, is on the road. I chose not to go along for the ride, since my Earth First! friend Andy Caffrey can now take it forth without me. I need to do research at Berkeley's Graduate Theological Union Library immediately. Tonight, I'm starting to write an epic drama. It's the classic story of the gods creating the warrior goddess (Durga) to fight the demons; the final scene featuring Mother Kali on the battlefield. It will be set in contemporary times...climate destabilization is the issue, and the demons are those who are responsible for this worldwide growing superproblem. I'll have it ready for performance by Earth Day, April 22nd. I've got ten dollars left, am stoked, and it's straight ahead time. Feel free to actively contribute to this effort if you spiritually identify with it. The Earth thanks you!

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