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California fights Bush to prevent offshore oil drilling

So now the Bush Administration is filing a lawsuit to protect oil interests, not surprizing... It's all about oil, after all...

California Fights New Offshore Drilling

Drilling has been banned in the waters off the California coastline for more than a decade, but the rigs here were in place before the rules changed. There are about two dozen of them, still pumping. And California, which barely tolerates their presence, is adamantly opposed to hosting any more. But the Bush administration may have other plans. It has just appealed a federal judge's ruling last year that gave California broad new power to review and restrict oil exploration near its coast -- in particular,36 old drilling leases that are exempt from the ban but that the
state wants to stay undeveloped. (02/13/02) Washington Post
Stop using oil 14.Feb.2002 11:27

Nihil Allahntin ysab@efn.org

Stop driving your car. Walk or ride a bike. You don't really have to get further faster: Do you?