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Feb. 12th, What I learned from it

my view on the whole permit thing
The action we organized on the 12th was pretty successful,
but more importantly I wanted to point out the fact that we didn't resort to selling out and paying for our first ammendment right. Some have told me that having an 'unpermitted' action is dangerous, and is an open invitation
for police harassment. Yet we gathered, had speakers, and marched around with hardly any police mobilization (only 1 arrest). The action itself did lack enormous numbers of people, but the energy level was high, and I think its damn
time that people see how ridiculous purchasing permits is. It is a waste of time, money, energy, and is about the most
counter-revolutionary thing I can think of. Although it seems kind of sappy, I'll quote craig's view on the whole permit process, "why would you pay the scum of the earth for your 1st ammendment rights?", pretty strait forward.
Can anyone explain the permit process? 13.Feb.2002 14:30

Amante de Che

For those who are unfamiliar with it, can you or anyone boil down the permit process? Who do you pay, how much, what is the application process like, what are grounds for denying a permit, does everyone have to have a permit, etc.? This would be a good place to let people know how difficult it is to exercise our "free" speech rights here. I've never organized a protest so I don't know much about how it works.

ooooh! personal! 13.Feb.2002 15:08

chaela xivcam@yahoo.com

don't know who you are but you seem to know who i am. chickenshit way to address an issue, don't you think? if you wanted to address the permit issue then do it. educate. turn it out, not on those trying to do something other than nitpick our fellow organizers.

Arrest? 13.Feb.2002 17:13


How and when did the arrest happen? Any action necessary on our part?

First Amendment rights 13.Feb.2002 17:46


I've done this before too, so it's the pot calling the kettle black, but I want to avoid appealing even to first amendment rights - it is our INHERENT right to free speech that we claim when we choose to ignore the permit process, not a constitutional right - I refuse to accept that my rights come from this government.

no permit required 13.Feb.2002 21:19

permit-free protestor

i have been at (two) protests where a permit was obtained. In both instances even though we apparently had free roam of the street, there were fellow protestors pushing us back,(those who got us permitted) begging us to obey the laws.?

what does a permit accomplish? i am not certain that it is useful for anything, really. it almost feels silly to ask permission of the law to protest something (or things) which are unjust and against the law.

i am all for peaceful protest, but i feel that we should feel free to take the streets and let our voices be heard without feeling that we need the permission of the law.

Info on Arrest as Requested 13.Feb.2002 23:47

A witness

This was also posted in the "Portland Action against state represion." article. Someone asked about it on this post so i added it here as well.

One man was arrested after the rally. He was taken into custody by federal officers. Charges with Failure to conform with signs and directions and charged a fifty dollar fine.
He was also charged with preservation of property and will have to appear in court on the 3rd of May, probably in the downtown justice center. Again that is May 3rd 2002, on
SW 3rd at the justice center WINK WINK.
Appreantly he was skateboarding across the street from the federal building in the Terry Shrunk Plaza. He was arrested by federal officers on city property, although the officers
claimed it was federal. Several officers were seen and video-taped pushing standers by.

I didn't see the entire event if some one would please comment on this and fill in my blanks.
If we want we could organize a rally at the justice center on the 3rd.
If any lawyers would like to represent him either criminal or civil pls contact us at the
CFA office

permits 14.Feb.2002 10:37


For certain sites (pioneer square, parks) there is a base fee
plus you must purchase insurance for the event. I have very limited knowledge on the permit issue, but If I remember correctly P.S. would have cost upwards of $300 dollars, and the north park blocks were a little more expensive than that. I was extremely frustrated after hearing this, just to know that the people who have the most justification for being angry and protesting (the poor, minorities, etc.) are monetarily segregated from any 'state sponsered' protest because of the exorbent costs of permits. My original comment was not intended to piss anyone off, the only hate I feel is for those who have wealth, power, and generally don't give a fuck about anyone but themselves. I realize I do very little to challenge the status quo compared to some people in this town, and I simply wanted to let people know that you can organize a demonstration and not pay for it.

permission 14.Feb.2002 16:55


First, thanks for the arrest story, A witness.

Is the government going to give us permission for creating the change that we want to see, that they don't?
Ummmm, no. So why should we keep asking for permission? (unless it is our goal to be self-defeating).
By asking for permission, and especially by BUYING permission, we're reinforcing the structure that we're trying to change (both idealogically and physically). Really, a permit is padding for us, to shade us from our fear. But, change isn't easy, and people all over the world are seeing change and its harsh effects without the protection that we have here, thus far, even "unpermitted". We SHOULD aknowledge our fear and its sources, because if we're not, we're not seeing what's really going on. And if we do see the root of it, I think that we will be sufficiently enraged and inspired that we will not even think about permission while we are taking the streets, tearing down the walls, and opening those long-locked doors....

HELLYA!!!! 14.Feb.2002 18:05


that's the spirit!