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prisons & prisoners

education is being controlled by prison

i am a portland youth build student who is going to show you how the prison system controlls education especially if your a minority.
To whom it may concern,

America is locking up the minorities of our country, and not giving them any education to go back out to society with. America could be one of the most racist countries in the world. Believe it or not! On June 30, 2000 there was 235 per 100,000 white men incarcerated and 1815 per 100,000 men of color incarcerated. America is constantly locking young people of color. A minority is 7 times more likely to get arrested and locked up than a white person for the exact same crime. In the most openly racist country in the world (South Africa during apartheid) adult black men were locked up at a rate of 851 per 100,000 and in America (the land of the free), is locking up adult black men at a rate of 7,119 per 100,000. That is 8.4 times higher than the most openly racist and prejudice country in the world. Age plays a major part too.13% of black males ages25-29 in the U.S. are locked up in prison.

Prisoners have no chance to come out in a positive avenue, due to a lack of education. To keep the number of people in jail steady and high they took all education out of the prison system. Prisoners are now getting no kind of education and tools to go back out to society with. The majority of prisoners come out with less than a high school education. The government made an almost dollar for dollar trade off taking money out of public schools and put the money in prisons. With all that money there is no education offered in prison, and a quality education for somebody in public schools has been majorly shot down. Prisoners used to be able to get their diploma and a degree and go out to society with some tools to work with. But around 10 years ago (1995) the government thought it would be better if they did not have those positive things, so they took them away. So in return people who were released had no chances so they reverted to their old ways and got locked right back up.

Prison really should go back to the idea of rehabilitation, and realize that the racism and lack of education is really taking a toll on society. If they would start pouring money into education people would come out and get a good paying CAREER! Put some money back into school so kids can get a quality education and not have to go to the streets to make money. Society needs to realize that minorities are not walking predators but a group who don't have even close to a real shot at a positive life.

Just one informer

homepage: homepage: http://eric_s@pybpdx.org

thoughts from an anarchist 14.Feb.2002 18:44


diversity in all it's forms
thats why all community's who are different
no matter how arbitrary the difference may be
>they think different
>they speak different
>they look different
anything you do that goes against the monoculture that a governent strives for
is considered an excuse to destroy you
you are not alone
if you know yourself

there's a good book by an author named Daniel Quinn
called Ishmael
I liked it alot
maybee you will
thanks for the cool writing!