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meausure 11 sucks

this article is about measure 11. i am from portland youth builders. right now we are doing articles about the prison industary. this article mainly tells you about what is measure 11 and about having felony's on your record.
Matthew Burbank
This article is about measure 11. It will cover some things about what is measure 11, what I think about it, why you don't want a felony on your record, why we have this law, and also tell you a little about what some of the statistics say. I hope that who ever sees this will actually take time and read through this very carefully, and actually think about what it says. We need to realize how messed up the prison industry is getting.
Let me start off with a question: What is measure 11? Well measure 11 is a new law in Oregon that started on April 1,1995. This law basically says that if you are at least 15yrs of age or older and you commit a certain crime, you must go to prison for a long time, without getting out early for any reason. It's called one strike and you're out.
Here is one example to show you a situation that if you were to commit this crime, you would be going to prison for measure 11 charges. You and a friend went to a store and your friend robs the store. You are in the car, you knew nothing about what he was doing, and he or she comes out, gets in the car and drives off. The store clerk calls the police, the police stop you and your friend. That is robbery 1 or 2, Which is at least 5yrs 10months. You and that friend would be going to prison, no matter what, regardless if you knew about it or not. Since you were with him or her, the police are going to assume that you knew what they were doing. I know it sounds stupid because you didn't do anything. It's scary, and it's also the truth.
Personally, I think for the most part measure 11 is kind of messed up, for the simple fact that everyone deserves a second chance. I believe some people make the wrong choices, and for others it might be their first crime that they have committed. The crime could be a small one, but if it's on the measure 11 lists, you'll be going to prison for the stupid mistake that you just made. The reason why it sucks is because people always make wrong choices that they regret, and people are supposed to learn from their mistakes. People don't want to go to prison and spend half their life or more, and come out with no hope, no future, and nothing to look forward to. It's all because of the stupid mistake that the person had made.
You don't want a felony on your record because that looks really bad and, in general, it's hard to get a job and get your life back on track now days. People say that while you're in prison you learn how to be responsible. It's supposed to help rehabilitate you, but actually the truth is that you learn more criminal thinking. By the time you even get out you tend to know so much more about criminal things. Most people can't even get a well paying job with a felony (if any), and sometimes don't even have a place to live. So for some people they tend to go back to their old ways and end back up in prison. As ridiculous as it seems, it's the truth, so what ever you do, try not to get a felony on your record. If you go to commit a crime, just stop and think, "Do I want to do this crime and get a felony on my record and mess up my life or do I want to make the right choice and walk away?"
Why do we have this measure 11 law? We basically have this law because people have been tricked in thinking that lately the crime rates are really high, and the people believed that, for the simple fact that everyone watches the news and the media are always showing different crimes around the world. So while the media is making all their money, everyone out there who are watching the news are getting scared of crime, so they are like "yeah, there is a lot of crime going on out there in our society, and it's getting worse, so lets vote on measure 11."
NEXT TIME A LAW COMES OUT LIKE THIS ONE, THINK ABOUT WHO IT WILL EFFECT! Not even really thinking about how much it can effect others. People need to realize that it's not only adults that it's affecting anymore, it's young teenagers as well. The way this law effects the young teenagers is because before this law has passed, young people who committed crime were sent to Juvenile detention hall, or Maclerrin. They would still have a chance in their life. Today if they commit a crime they get sent to prison and ruin their future. Next time, if there is another law that comes out like this one, please review it. Know all the facts and conditions, and please take time to think about who it is going to effect. Then, after you know all the facts and you have thought about it, then go ahead and make your vote.

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Vote! It worked last time!