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Portland Action Against State Repression

About 60 people gathered at the federal building to support Craig Rosebraugh and to speak out about the quickly eroding civil liberties of all people.
Everyone braved the cold to listen to speakers, current ELF spokesperson Leslie Pickering, Alan Graf of the National Lawyers Guild, and Lisa Distenfano, co-founder of Sea-Shepard, and then marched in the streets through downtown to pioneer square, and then back to the federal building.

All three speakers spoke well, and the various signs and voiced chants on the march showed a strong support for Craig, and for the ELF and ALF. It was a courageous group out on the streets, voicing their unambiguous support for ELF and ALF, even knowing that federal officers were likely videotaping them. More people are needed who will take a strong stand in solidarity with those who would defend all life on earth.

The police kept a good distance, and this reporter was ready to write something positive about their low key presence, but they had to spoil it by asserting their dominance and arresting a young man on a skateboard as everyone was dispersing. Not only did they arrest the one person, but one federal officer who was quite the asshole, was throwing his weight around, pushing people, and getting right in another persons face who had the audacity to stand up to his bullying.

It is a very simple concept - the police and other law enforcement works for the people and is subbordinate to the will of the people. They seem to have completely lost sight of this fact as their attitude and bearing is ever one of dominance and control.
Turning in their graves 13.Feb.2002 12:06

Rod Pitman rodpitmanpresents@hotmail.com

Until such time as we are able to remove the corruption, unprofessionalism, criminal elements from positions of power within our federal, state, and local government we will continue to move more rapidly towards a facist dictatorship. The founding fathers must be turning in their graves.

Arrest after Rally 13.Feb.2002 13:26

A Witness

One man was arrested after the rally. He was taken into custody by federal officers. Charges with Failure to conform with signs and directions and charged a fifty dollar fine. He was also charged with preservation of property and will have to appear in court on the 3rd of May, probably in the downtown justice center. Again that is May 3rd 2002, on SW 3rd at the justice center WINK WINK.
Appreantly he was skateboarding across the street from the federal building in the Terry Shrunk Plaza. He was arrested by federal officers on city property, although the officers claimed it was federal. Several officers were seen and video-taped pushing standers by.

I didn't see the entire event if some one would please comment on this and fill in my blanks.
If we want we could organize a rally at the justice center on the 3rd.
If any lawyers would like to represent him either criminal or civil pls contact us at the CFA office