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I'm told that earlier today the Forces PERMANENTLY REMOVED 133 people from these 11 groups; only SIX people of the 139 total people in these groups were allowed to live. These SIX people were found to be "redeemable" and were wounded enough to put them out of action for
a while. [You people in the CIA, FBI, etc., who continue to try to harm our people and country, are on the Forces' list. Check with others about those REMOVED today; get wise. You could be next. CEASE your treasonous actions against our people if you wish to live.]
Bush Gang LOSING!

Hello Dear Friends,

The opposition are putting out a LOT of propaganda of fear right now. The corrupt officials of the Bush administration are continuing to "advertise" their attempts to do terrorist acts against Americans with their continual ballyhooing on television. Yes, I'm told that Ashcroft and Rumsfeld know ALL about the attempted terrorist activities because THEY ATTEND the meetings and contribute to planning and approving the orders for these terrorist acts attempts. I'm told that the Bush gang's black ops groups are trying to do many terrorist activities these last few weeks in one last effort to try to have an excuse for Bush Jr. to officially declare his Nazi dictatorship.

Their tactics of trying incite fear through their propaganda speeches on television remind me very much of films of Hitler standing in front of crowds and inciting the poor frightened people into mass hysteria. The reason they are doing these things is because they know that MOST of their power is GONE. The dark agenda opposition of the Bush administration, specifically Ashcroft and Rumsfeld, are using old mind control techniques like Hitler did to try to incite
"fear" in the people. They know that when people are in fear, the people are more easily mind-controlled and that people will accept loss of their rights if the government convinces people to trade their rights for the government's protection. Of course, the government is CAUSING the problems from which it claims to be saving
the people.

As of this morning, the Forces decided to REMOVE those groups which are the think-tanks behind the Bush administration's "propaganda of fear campaign" to brainwash Americans. The Forces found 11 groups of people in various departments of the CIA, FBI, WH, a public relations firm, and two universities who were doing planning and plotting of how to "incite fear" in the American people. The people in these groups have been developing and contributing to the Bush administration's Nazi tactics and strategies of propaganda and mind control based on fear which are purposely used to scare Americans.

I'm told that earlier today the Forces PERMANENTLY REMOVED 133 people from these 11 groups; only SIX people of the 139 total people in these groups were allowed to live. These SIX people were found to be "redeemable" and were wounded enough to put them out of action for
a while. [You people in the CIA, FBI, etc., who continue to try to harm our people and country, are on the Forces' list. Check with others about those REMOVED today; get wise. You could be next. CEASE your treasonous actions against our people if you wish to live.]

Yes, the Bush gang's black ops personnel have TRIED and FAILED to get some terrorist acts completed in the U.S. in the last weeks. The
Forces and the White Knights have continuously STOPPED EVERY one of these attacks by the Bush gang's goons against our people and country, and stopped attacks against people in a few other countries also.

Just to give you a clue, there were several attempts in and around the Washington, D.C. area by the Bush gang's goons to try to blow up
something and blame it on some other country, but ALL the Bush gang's goons doing these attempts are Americans, Folks. The reason Bush Jr. keeps trying to publicly blame other countries for his own Bush administration's terrorism of our country is that he is still working the tired old plan of trying to drag our country into an extended military conflict with other countries. His role is to keep blabbing the FICTION that some other countries are to blame for 9/11 and try to brainwash the American people into believing these fictions.

Oh, yes, the Bush gang's goons are TRYING (and FAILING) in their attempts to carry out their orders from the Bush administration to do terrorist acts in the U.S. Yesterday, I'm told, there were attempts by the Bush gang's goons to blow up the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Memorial Wall, and other national monuments. We've seen this before where they have a "theme" and yesterday's theme included numerous "monuments". ALL THESE attempts were STOPPED TOTALLY from happening by the White Knights and the Forces. Most of these things occurred late in the day and evening yesterday. Some of the Bush gang's goons tried to shoot their way out of arrest and lost their lives; some were taken into custody.


There have been and are MANY White Knight/Forces missions in process to STOP all the Bush gang's terrorist threats before they happen. I remind you: the FBI Director admitted he does "not know why" the many terrorist attacks ballyhooed about in the past have FAILED to occur. The White Knights and Forces have STOPPED 99.9% of the attacks attempted by the Bush's black ops groups since 9/11. Let's continue our prayers, meditations, and energy work focuses supporting our White Knights in their great service to all of us and the world!

The Bush gang's officials have also ordered attempts to harm White Knights and members of the prosperity programs; these efforts have also been totally STOPPED. Assassination, abduction, and coercion attempts against the key White Knights are constantly neutralized by White Knight guards and the Forces.

The Bush gang's orders to interfere with members of the prosperity programs are a repeat of some actions against prosperity programs' members in Phoenix and other places a few months ago. I'm told the Homeland Security Office (HSO) has once again prepared orders naming us as suspected terrorists which they plan to fax out to National Guard and local law enforcement personnel ordering them to go out and pick up our prosperity program members within minutes of receiving our remaining mass prosperity deliveries. I'm told this is WHY our prosperity deliveries will be coming soon after NESARA's announcement. NESARA's announcement requires the removal of all the Bush gang from positions of power and this will protect our members of the prosperity programs from harm and cancel the HSO's orders against us.

Our prosperity funds are TOTALLY SAFE; the FULL FULL FULL amounts of our prosperity are safe and protected and waiting for us at our assigned banks. The opposition have UTTERLY FAILED in their efforts to freeze/confiscate one cent of our funds. ALL ALL ALL our funds are totally safe and still waiting for us. The opposition's computer hackers are unable to break the special codes the Forces put in to LOCK our bank accounts so that only we prosperity members can move our money out of our accounts. ALL our funds are totally safe and protected. We will all see this when we go to the bank.

I understand that there have been a few changes in what we are receiving in our prosperity delivery envelopes in order to keep all our funds safe. We all need to just follow the instructions and go to the bank as instructed in our letters in order to begin accessing our prosperity.

In our letters I'm told there is an 800 number and instructions on how and when to use it. I'm told that after our remaining mass deliveries are completed, we MIGHT be able to call an 800 number for other people who were missed and tell the 800 number operators the names and addresses of people who were missed. The White Knights have many ways of finding people even though people have moved and changed their names, etc. The White Knights use old Post Office records from as far back as 16 years, Social Security, and credit
bureau records to find people. I'm told every attempt will be made find everyone who is in the official databases. There is ZERO way to find out ahead of time if you are in the official databases for the current prosperity programs.

Recently I researched again into whether people can inherit the prosperity funds of those members who are deceased. I'm told that there are "inheritance rights" for some of the programs, however, I lack details about how people can exercise inheritance rights. I understand we may receive information on how to help people do this and there may also be PUBLIC notices in newspapers sometime after 30 days following the remaining mass deliveries. IF I receive better information about this and am permitted to share it in a Dove report, I will discuss this in a future Dove report.

For any U.S. citizen who missed getting into these prosperity programs, there will be new options after NESARA is announced. These new options will be advertised and conducted in a totally PUBLIC, legal, and open manner. (Quite a refreshing change from what all of us have had to go through.) Therefore, there will be another chance for everyone to receive prosperity. I'm told similar additional prosperity programs will be made available to citizens of other countries around the world also. Worldwide prosperity IS POSSIBLE and concrete plans have been set in place to bring this about.

Let's continue our prayers, meditations, and energy work supporting our White Knights, Forces, and all who are bringing us NESARA and our prosperity. I will meet you for our group energizing at 10-10:30 p.m. EST and let's continue our unified focus:

To JOIN the Dove egroup, simply send an email to:
And REPLY to Yahoo's request for confirmation.

I understand that people were feeling a lot of anxiety last night and earlier today. Some of that is due to the Bush administration's officials trying to incite fear with all their ballyhooing of impending terrorist acts; part of it was due to "frequency attacks" on our people. The Forces are taking action to neutralize the
frequency attack technology and also the frequency waves that are rolling across the country. I hope most of you who were feeling anxious are feeling better now.

I'm told that today is an important day in turning the tide of the Bush gang's actions against our country. The White Knights and Forces are on missions around the clock making sure all the Bush gang's black ops terrorist acts are totally STOPPED and we are all safe. Their goal is to open the window for NESARA as soon as these terrorist threats are fully neutralized.

My email box is continuing to fill up faster than I can keep up with it. If you have trouble reaching me and your emails bounce back at you, just wait a day or so and hopefully I will have it more cleared out. Again, I prioritize my reading of your emails by what you state in the Subject field as the reason why you are writing me. Please be specific in your email Subject.

I understand there is still some interference with some of your requests to join the Dove egroup and also some interference with Dove reports getting to some of you over the Internet. The Forces are working on clearing these interferences. In a few days, after NESARA, all these interference attempts should stop occurring, thank Heaven.

Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness

The Dove egroup currently has 6,536 members.

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