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Oregonís Main Street Now Closed

Picabo Street has moved from Oregon to Park City Utah and her career has moved on as well.

As Peeeeeeeeeeek wipes the tears out from under her sunglasses a friend instructs the Olympic handlers as if she were Street's mother. "Shuffle her in and Shuffle her out. Make sure nobody bothers her."

Here's to going out on top. It's sad when an athlete doesn't know when it's time to go. The women's downhill team has cool uniforms, but uniforms a winner do not make. All the hooey surrounding the Grande dame of the downhill's winning any medal in what will most likely be the last run of her career was just that, hooey.

There's something to be said for emphasizing the positive and downsizing the negative as well as how easy it is to play Tuesday afternoon quarterback, but all the warm and fuzzy stories written by "journalist" who apparently know little or nothing about the sport or Street's condition reached a fevered pitch on Monday.

No matter how you look at it the Street of Tuesday's downhill was more like a long hard road.

Peeeeeek, now you can rest. We wish you well and hope someday you come home b

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