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Dave Grohl and his spcecial FOO forces blast through their set at the Winter Olympics.
I jokingly wished Danny Kass Happy New Year as he walked backstage after the FOO FIGHTERS concert following the medals ceremony where Kass [silver] and his teammates Ross Powers [Gold] and J.J. Thomas [bronze] swept the metals in the mens halfpipe Tuesday night.

Dave Grohl and his FOO FIGHTERS came out of the box with their hit LEARN TO FLY dedicated to Thomas, Powers, and Kass. Even though the shows are free, you need a ticket to get in. I've heard stories of the tickets being sold for as much as $400.00. The medals stage had a beautiful design that worked well with the MTV style production which culminated last night on THE TONIGHT SHOW with Jay Leno. Leno rolled tape on a song from the FOO FIGHTERS new album for the musical guest section of his show.

Walking home I could hear BANYON, Stephen Perkin's [JANE'S ADDICTION FAME] acid jazz fusion freefall which can also be found on an alpha test page for William S. Burrouhgs [Wild Bill's Cat Cam Live From the Westernlands] courtesy of Krist Noveselic's [NIRVANA, EYES ASKANCE] friend Richard Sales and his son Luke of Glasswing Studios and DeepeningBufett of Portland Oregon.

NIRVANA is the common link between the FOO FIGHTERS, EYES ASKANCE and Burroughs. One Urban legend that I think caused William Burroughs some pain near the end of his life was what I call THE SHOTGUN INCIDENT. Kurt Cobain the front man for NIRVANA had come to visit Burroughs about four weeks before Cobain's death. Even though Cobain was familiar with handguns, he had never used a shotgun before, so Burroughs showed Kurt the proper way to "handle" the weapon. In the wake of Cobain's suicide, rumors started floating around that Burroughs was some how "responsible" for Cobain's death because he "introduced" Cobain to the shotgun.

Rare footage of Burroughs before the writers death, as well as music by Stephen Perkin's BANYON [recorded live at Harry O's at the 2001 Sundance Film Festival in Park Cities Utah] can be found at


More information on "the shotgun" can be found at


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