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Hiroshima Flame Walk - on the way to Eugene

They yelled at us and they tried shooting us but we continued on....
Today has been a really intense day. Apparently, the church that stayed at in Monroe had been receiving threats if they housed us. Peace really is a scary message to some people.

The storm last night that caused the power outage at the church uprooted many big trees. We saw several trees crashed into houses as we walked this morning.

As we walked out of Junction City, we were met with a lot of hostility by drivers. Lots of 1/2 peace signs and thumbs down. Does it seem lame to throw out a thumbs down? I don't know.

I remember we passed by this one intersection where a young white man in a pick up yelled at us, "Why don't you stop drumming and help people?" A few hundred feet from him we heard a rifle shot very close to us. Durwin told me later that it was a high powered rifle that was shot very close to us. That, we could have been hit if the shooter wanted to take one of us down. Immediately after the shooting we walked under a tree where someone had placed a confederate flag. It was interesting. While the event was a little scary none of the walkers were scared and we continued on without missing a beat.

Eugene, however, was a completely different story. Eugene is rad and we were welcomed with open arms. We hald a great ceremony downtown and had a great turn out. I ran into some friends and was shown around town.

I started a fast the other day. I haven't been on a fast in a while. I was asked if I would fast. And I lost my bowl so I took that as a sign that I should fast.

After thinking about being thankful the other day, I started thinking about my relations with women. I usually pride myself on being a progressive male who is very much in touch with my feminine side (I actually kinda hate these dichotimies but...) and sensitive to many issues but thinking about my relations I've realized that one of the patterns I live is become very attracted/attached to women I've really connected with on emotional and mental levels. I don't know where that comes from, perhaps its a societal imprint. I don't know but I realized today that it is something I put myself through and probably others and that it doesn't seem like the best thing to do. I'm not saying its good or bad but I have some clarity over it and hope I can keep it a good thing. Ach, who knows. I'm fasting and losing my mind.

That brought me to slightly think about the phrase "Free your desires." I thought a little about that as I think about freedom. In many ways I feel the free-est I've ever felt on this walk. This, despite the fact that I'm not participating in a consensus based reality. I used to think that the phrase meant that desires should be free and be met. I kind of had a hard time with that until I stopped listening to all those GG Allin records. Now, I realize that the phrase means what it says - free your desires. Let them be and cast them out. Stop being tied into the desire/consumption machine that is pervasive in all areas of our American society. OK, big revelation there. I'm still learning so bear with me.

There was a great big dinner but I didn't hang out since I was fasting. Instead, I got to hang out with the really groovy eugene love rEvolutionaries while they interviewed me and some other walkers. Great time.

Hope y'all in Portland are doing good.

Wilamette Valley Rudies 13.Feb.2002 00:23

Earthling hbruski@yahoo.com

Thank-you for the report. I'm sad to hear about Monroe, and Junction City. I'm in Corvallis, and attended the gathering with the walkers, at the library. Oregon seems to be quite polarized. There are many open-minded, enlightened, and progressive people and there are many provincial, backwards, hostile, agressive, confrontational George Bush types. I'm glad to hear the walkers are safe, and ashamed of some of my fellow Oregonians.