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Hiroshima Flame Walk in Monroe

This is actually my fifth day on the walk....
This is really my 5th day of being on the walk. I'm already starting to lose track of days and time. We're in the United Methodist Church of Monroe, OR. There's a power outage so people have been eating under candle light. Its nice to be away from electricity.

I'm hanging out at the journal writing table with Seiya and Hirosh. Tom is playing and singing in the other corner of the dining room where we've just finished dinner. I just finished hanging out with Jessi who's working on a documentary on peace movements in Oregon. I hope I'll see it when I return.

Last night we stopped off in Corvallis and I spent the night at John and Laurie's home - many thanks to them for accomodating us. I met a really cool Korean girl, Kelsey, who's studying entimology at OSU. It was really cool to meet another Korean on the walk. I was able to interview her for a bit before she had to return home. She is an adopted child who grew up in a white household and had no real roots with her Korean heritage. She's been on a long journey getting back in touch with her biological family and with her Korean roots.

This morning I reflected a bit on my being reverentially thankful at the Corvallis library. When I received a guest pass to use an internet station, I bowed and thanked the librarian profusely. I thought nothing of it. When a man gave me the newspaper he was reading, I also bowed and thanked him deeply. It wasn't until this morning that it really came to that I've started to become really thankful of my life and things that come into it as well as go from it. I remembered that when I was a child, I was very thankful for things but stopped being thankful when I was teased. It hasn't been until this morning that I remembered to be thankful.

Today was my first real hard day of the walk - lots of rain and a fast pace. Someone yelled at Chisao and called her a, "slanty eyed gook." The church we are staying in had also received death threats. But, Zach, an 11 yr. old boy, joined us today. He played pool at a bar we had an impromptu rest stop at. It was quite a site to see him playing pool while Smitty danced to "On the Road Again." There was an "Earth First, We'll Log the Other Planets Later" sticker on the wall as well as a group of Vietname Vets in their American Legion jackets. Zach then rode horses at a horse stable we made another rest stop at. Treeze mentioned that only on a peace walk would something like this happen.

I am thankful for everything that has happened today. I am thankful for having the opportunity of being on this walk and the learning that I am recieving. I am thankful for everything.