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A New Kind of Collective

There will an informal social over food and wine to discuss a new kind of collective on Valentines Day, 6:30pm, 3821 NE 21st st (21st and Fremont).
the collective will be the first of it's kind (i think) where starving female artists can utilize gallery space to show their work. not only will the collective focus on art in all it's beautiful forms, it will serve as a resource for women. internet access, word processing, video showings, poetry readings, meetings places for organizations, zine housings...the possibilities are endless!

this collective will not be exclusive to women, however, we encourage as many women to get involved as possible. we are asking interested parties to contribute 5-30 a month for the space, which will be acquired sometime in the next month.

please come to the social, bring food, wine and a friend! if you can't make it, email me with ideas, questions.....