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2002 Winter Game A Dead End

Intramural Extreme Winter Game A Dead End. Worlds Largest Snow Maze Venue Shocks Atheletes

Just as THE SKELETON is drawing a lot of attention this year with the younger audiences, so is THE SHINNING, an intramural winter event.

Here's the way it works. Renegade Olympic hopefuls do the game by elimination. After the initial first rounds [which are done in daylight] twelve finalist [nighttime] contestants "draw straws" to see who is "the rabbit" and who is "the shooter". The rabbit is given a thirty second head start into the Snow Maze, A 110 x 110 foot Maze of ice and snow, with eight-foot high walls. With over 1,000 linear feet of wall - that's the equivalent of nearly four football fields and 4,000 cubic yards of snow, the maze is a contender for the largest snow sculpture of its kind.

With an adverage tempeture of -9F without wind chill, the shooter pursues his prey armed with the Muscle Man, a 600,000 volt stun gun that will drop an elephant wearing heavy clothing. Once the rabbit is cornered it's eliminated with extreme prejudice.

Then the next contestant [who's conscious and able to make it out of the maze] becomes the shooter, the failed predator is relegated to the rabbit cage until the final victim is eliminated. There are no silver or bronze medals only a gold. The premier bonus event is the TIRE BITER. The rabbit is given a five minute "head start" followed by the release of a U.S. Army, Special Foreces attack dog.

In stark contrast to the regular Winter Olympic events, this SNOW, FIRE and ICED game allows any and all forms of physical and psychological performance inhancers you can run past the Secret Service, FBI, County Sheriff or any other law enforcement agency that might have an interest.

On a similar note, rumours have been rumbling through security personel that Dr. Hunter S. Thompson may be making an appearance during the Olympics as a part of his coverage for ESPN. In addition to possible weapons or explosive violations, the major concerns of the Secret Service are whether or not there will be a Hunter S. Thompson Olympic pin available for sale or trade prior toclosingceremonies. A spokesperson close to Thompson claims that if he does come out for "the games" he will be accompanied by a pyrotechnician licensed for the state of Utah.

The venue is the enormous snow creation, located at 1350 Park Avenue, at the Park City Mountain Resort. For more information on the maze used for THE SHINNING click here:


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