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FEAR - Dealing with the Elite's Relentless Assault

We have been indoctrinated into a system that undermines our real power nad integrity, perhaps it is time we were reminded of that...
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Posted By: WhoGains
Date: Friday, 8 February 2002, 8:30 a.m.

I mentioned in my last post that I would be writing about how we need to be able to deal with the drip-feed of fear in our lives, the origins of which can be traced back to deliberate manipulation by the elite. If we have any hope at all of ultimately causing their plans to unravel, then I consider it essential that we have the means of dealing with this fear.

Earlier this week, I watched a drama-documentary, screened by the BBC, which demonstrated the use of fear in this context. Set in April 2002, the drama portrays a situation where a lone individual in New York, having infected himself with a virulent form of smallpox, systematically infects others by simply touching them during a 3 or 4 hour walk around New York. He then conceals himself in a subway tunnel to avoid detection and commits suicide using barbiturates. The virus is then spread to London, via an individual on a business trip, and other contacts subsequently create a pandemic, which after several months, causes the death of 60,000,000 worldwide.

The documentary was highly plausible and very disturbing. It showed how initial failure to respond correctly to the original outbreak, caused the virus to spread rapidly. It showed how a failure to inoculate, due to bureaucracy and lack of supplies compounded the problem. It also vividly portrayed the rapid breakdown of law and order, the emergence of mob-rule and the subsequent military crackdown.

After the program, the BBC's "Newsnight" program held a discussion on it and, despite the detailed research that had apparently gone into the making of the drama, various medical experts described the documentary as a highly unlikely scenario. Interestingly, the UK government's Deputy Chief Medical Officer was interviewed and bluntly refused to answer any questions on the UK's stockpile of vaccines, or indeed on any aspect of how such a situation would be handled. The usual "national security" cop-out was used.

It seemed to me after seeing all this that the desired effect would have been achieved - namely the level of fear amongst the viewing population would have been increased. The refusal by the government spokesperson to discuss the UK's preparedness would also seem to add fuel to the fire, leading people to conclude that lack of forthcoming information suggested the UK government was ill-prepared.

This particular scenario has gained considerable credibility since the anthrax outbreak last year. This, alongside numerous other suggested terrorist threats, not to mention the innumerable other ways our lives are said to be in danger which are constantly thrust into our faces, is enough to ensure that general levels of anxiety remain high.

As I pointed out in earlier posts, fear is an extremely effective means of controlling people en masse. I have discussed the ways in which this is done and the physiological and psychological effects. Now, I want to look more closely at what we can do, how we can develop an immunity, if you will, to the effects of fear.

The key to understanding fear lies firstly in seeing how the world-view accepted by millions of people, both now and down through the centuries, does not serve us. This view has at its core the belief that we, as individual human beings, are basically helpless victims who just happen to be living on a planet beset by any number of threats to our individual and collective existence. We are at the mercy of blind, brutal forces of nature that continually threaten to snuff out our lives and, increasingly, under threat of random acts of violence from our fellow man. The view continues with the idea that we have no connection to this earth, that we are somehow the product of a long and complex process whereby inert matter was transformed into "living" matter, and that we represent the pinnacle of this evolutionary process.

As a result of this, we have concluded that we must fight for our existence, continually trying to subjugate and exploit nature, and that this process can and will continue with more and more of what this planet has to sustain life being usurped for our own ends. It hardly needs describing exactly where this frame of mind has left us.

Alongside these notions is the view that invests all the power in God, as a separate and distinct entity outside of ourselves, who knows all and sees all, and who acts in apparently arbitrary and often inscrutable ways in our lives, such that we are regularly left to wonder at why God allows certain things to happen. The good news from this perspective is that we will come to understand God's ways once we die. For many others, no such god exists and the perspective is even bleaker as it seems to those who think this way, that the Universe is basically stupid and can largely be explained in mechanical terms, or physical "laws". Alright, this is a vast oversimplification, I will agree, but it summarises the views held by so many.

It would take a sizeable book to argue from a philosophical view that these notions are simply not right. Many have done so, notably the wonderful books of Alan Watts, whom I strongly recommend. There is copious information available whereby you can develop a view of life, on an intellectual level, that contradicts the above and allows for a sense of belonging, of security or trust in the Universe. This alternate view goes that we are, in fact, individual expressions of a unified Life Force, or God, or any number of other terms. As such, we are INSEPERABLE from God and from the environment in which we find ourselves, and form part of a vast "happening", which is completely interdependent. We, therefore, do actually belong here and the earth, far from being a mere rock in space acting as a resource for predominantly our own use, is in fact alive and "peopling" as Alan Watts once said. It is all of a piece and we are small nerve-endings of a vast creation, an infinite sea of energy, and we each represent the Universe perceiving itself at our own unique place and time.

As an intellectual argument, this alternate viewpoint is not easy to grasp and does not appear to fit the facts as we experience them. I mean, we each FEEL, very strongly, that we are separate, alone, mostly without real power and influence. Centuries of indoctrination have given us this feeling of ego, of a "me" separate from and at the mercy of an unpredictable and often unreliable body, encapsulated in a bag of skin, which we have to lug around in a threatening and dangerous world.

Yet, there is a distinct and literally mind-blowing EXPERIENCE of the alternative view that many have had, and that all are capable of having, that completely removes this disconnected sensation. And it is this which holds the key to understanding fear.

If any one of us were asked to name the things we most fear, we would generally list a number of common possibilities, such as fear of dying, of getting ill, of losing a loved one, of losing a job, a home and so on. Many would be events of a personal nature. Then we might go on to list the more global fears such as nuclear war, the threats from terrorism etc. etc. Generally speaking, the personal fears tend to be more "real" in our minds, more threatening than the global ones, except, obviously when such events occur close to home.

Then there are the fears associated with what others could do to us, or those close to us. The fears of acts of violence and the growing fear of what "authority" is capable of doing to us.

Now, it is clear that we live in a time where such fears are capable of being communicated on an unprecedented scale. We have vast numbers of these fears to handle daily and are regularly and systematically frightened by new and sinister ones, via the media. All this continues to reinforce the notion of our basic helplessness. It also serves to strengthen the myth that we require a powerful, all-seeing government to "protect" us from these awful threats.

But above all, the constant bombardment of fear strengthens the feeling of isolation, of us being little "I's" struggling in a big, bad world. For those whom we know to be pulling the strings, this is perfect. A huge, frightened and basically, compliant population of drones who can be manipulated in any way by fear. Such a mass can easily be pushed into conflict within itself. Fear gives rise to any number of negative expressions of emotion; anger, hatred, jealousy, envy, bigotry etc. etc.

Now, in recent years, growing numbers of people have started to question this view of our place in creation. What happens if people start to question? What happens if TOO MANY start to question? What if it appears that the use of fear is beginning to lose its effectiveness? What if many are beginning to understand, and to EXPERIENCE, the truth of their existence? This has been happening to an extent that has given great cause for concern to the elite.

Clearly, this calls for some really drastic, deeply shocking, fear-engendering event to whip them back into line. This event then needs to maintain a much higher level of fear subsequently by piling on the threats of more such shocking events to come.

September 11th. There it is, complete with the continuing undercurrent of sustained fear.

We have seen, particularly on this forum, the background to this contrived state of alarm we are all subject to. In many ways we have more reason to feel fear simply because we are more aware of the nature and intentions of the evil that is behind it all. We can see, more clearly than many, that fear is being used as a weapon and we know more of the subtle and insidious tricks that are being used on us. Yet, although our aim is to expose this gross manipulation, we often feel that the hidden agenda is continuing relentlessly in spite of this through such closely guarded plans designed to achieve fear on a massive scale. Indeed, we may sometimes think that our message is not spreading quickly enough or widely enough to make any difference.

Whilst we are more conscious of the innumerable threats and may think that our extra knowledge is power over fear, do we have the means at our disposal to handle fear when it comes knocking on OUR door, in whatever guise it takes?

I would not presume to answer this last question on behalf of everyone here but consider this. Although we have, alongside our fears, a powerful determination to see the elite's plans stopped by our continuing exposure, do we each have a clear picture of a way in which we could live our lives, that would never again let fear dominate us? How do we see life continuing as and when the elite's control is ended? Can we imagine the kind of life that would exist without their machinations, without big-brother government, without wholesale plunder and exploitation of the planet?

Clearly, a radical change is needed, away from this sense of helplessness, separation and fear.

Part of the solution comes from shifting to a new and more accurate world- view. But, more than this, we need to expand this view in order to understand the role of emotions in our lives. We need to see how the way we "process" emotion holds the key to understanding how we can arrive at a feeling of "belonging" and being part of this world, a feeling that would allow peaceful co-existence, a reverence for life and a complete understanding of the unity of creation. In other words, where we have, at last, found our true place.

Emotion, seen as a form of energy that exists within us for a very specific reason, can be used in one of two ways.

In his extremely enlightening book, "Heart of The Soul", by Gary Zukav, the author looks at our emotional experiences from the point of view of the 7 Chakras, or energy centres that we each have. Although many would deny the basis of his argument by saying that Chakras do not even exist, it is clear that the physiological experiences described in the book, where sensations within particular organs of the body correspond to these energy centres, are very much aligned with our experiences. For example, the 3rd energy centre, located in the region of the solar plexus, is the one most associated with the emotion of fear. We feel a pang of fear in our stomach, the "butterflies", the nausea. Zukav argues that energy that is drawn in through the Crown (7th) Chakra is released through one or more of the other 6, and it can be done in 2 distinct ways, either in fear and doubt, or love and trust. According to the mode of energy release, our emotional response and hence our psychological reaction are different. Using the same example, for energy leaving the 3rd Chakra in fear and doubt, we will feel anxious and unable to provide for ourselves or defend ourselves and basically feel helpless and at the mercy of others and the outside world. When the energy leaves in love and trust, we feel relaxed, confident, capable. Another example, the 1st Base Chakra, energy leaving in fear and doubt, the response is that the earth does not feel like home and one feels uncomfortable with one's life. By contrast, with love and trust, one feels at one with the earth.

What I find so exciting about this book is that, not only do the 2 distinct modes of emotional expression compare strikingly with the 2 world-views I described above, but Zukav shows how the mere act of observation, of being sensitive to the energy processing within ourselves, allows us, ultimately, to create "authentic power", a full realisation of ourselves, of our personal power. Emotions are messages from the soul, the guidance we need in order to understand, to feel part of this incredible creation. This is "internal" power, as opposed to ego-based "external" power, the kind wielded by the elite. The implications of achieving this state of authentic personal power are astonishing. I will reserve discussion on this key issue until the next post but the relationship we have with our emotions is a crucial step towards its attainment.

What exactly does personal power mean in this context? For many, avoidance of negative emotions is a lifetime's occupation. We are each subject to the whole range of these, most of which, as I pointed out above, have their basis in fear. So, we think we have 2 choices: to express them or to resist them, to stuff them down inside ourselves and to employ any number of avoidance tactics so that we do not have to acknowledge them. Because we are so scared of what these feelings are, what they mean, we will seek control EXTERNALLY, by manipulating what is around us, by acquisition of money and possessions, power struggles with others, control over others, violence towards others, ANYTHING in fact to try and produce a feeling of safety, security and belonging. So, we have a population heavily represented by individuals whose only power is of this type, ego-based, cut off and isolated from the well-spring of their souls because they refuse to ALLOW ALL their emotions.

As Zukav says:

"The pursuit of external power produces emotional violence and destruction between individuals... ... ... ... So long as we reach outward in any way to soften the pain of feeling unworthy, or the terror of not belonging, we bring violence and destruction into our lives"

"The new human species creates security by looking inward to find the causes of insecurity and healing them. This is the path to authentic power. Authentic power is the alignment of your personality with your soul"

Personal power, once developed and maintained, PROTECTS us. You can think of it in terms of energy. Personal power means a higher "vibration" of energy. Lower destructive, manipulative forms of energy bounce off this shield. When we are in a state of fear, we do not have this protection. We are prey to this negative energy, we are therefore prey to whatever the elite cares to do to us.

For the elite, external power is ALL they have. Their success lies in being able to create and maintain this "seeking external power" state within the majority of those they control. They do everything they can to encourage us to resist what we are, how we feel. They encourage us to seek external authority to "solve" our problems, to tell us how to act, to think and how to "cure" these damaging and disturbing emotions. They are NOT capable of living authentically as we can. So, they have to maintain a population controlled by fear.

Some weeks ago, I wrote a post that discussed the idea that we are collectively undergoing a "shift" in consciousness on this planet, one that is accelerating. This shift involves coming to the realisation of who we really are and how we have been tricked for centuries into living the way we have. Most importantly of all, we will come to a level of personal power whereby the low, destructive energy that is bombarding us the whole time will no longer work against us.

I firmly believe that this is what is happening. It is shown at an individual level by a kind of spiritual sickness, a feeling inside that knows that things are wrong. It is a feeling that seeks answers, seeks explanations, understanding. It is a yearning for truth, to find out what it is all REALLY about. I suggest that many who visit this forum are suffering from this sickness of the soul. They want to understand, to know. They want information to confirm their sense of living within a vast web of deception and what the hell they can do about it.

RMNews is a doorway into new realms of understanding. It has numerous paths leading the seeker to understanding, to truth. I disagree with Rayelan when she says that it has made no difference. It has made, and is continuing to make a HUGE difference. How many seekers have come this way? How many have begun to learn the truth of their existence by coming here? I suggest the numbers are very high and still growing. Each one of these seekers is on the path to personal power, whether they know it or not and the effects are snowballing. The elite might try and slow down this relentless process. They can slow it down, as they attempted to do with the September 11th atrocities but they cannot possibly stop it now. They know this. They know their weapons are losing effectiveness but their disconnected minds still tell them they can win. Each one of us has the power of subtle discernment, via our emotions, to guide us through the quagmire of lies and trickery. Seekers come to trust that power. It will never fail them.

I want to examine these ideas on personal power and the emotions in more detail in my next posting. In the meantime, thank you for reading.

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I don't know about chackras
But have had personal expierences that I feel validate what you're saying on a really personal level.
Than you,