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Catwoman Eco-Protester Arrested !

Celeste Draisner
Catwoman Eco-Protester Arrested !
Catwoman Eco-Protester Arrested !
An environmental protestor disguised in a Catwoman suit was arrested after spending seven hours perched 125-feet above ground on a fiberglass manufacturing plant smokestack. Celeste Draisner, 27, of Mountain Gate said she was protesting health hazards posed by the Knauf fiberglass plant in Shasta Lake, California. Draisner was dressed in black feline gear, donning a mask, cape, ears and a tail. The Knauf Fiber Glass plant has been shut down for years amid concerns over emissions and water use. There's a good chance it will open again.

Draisner snuck up the smokestack at about 5 a.m., stayed there for several hours and told the authorities she would come down "when she was good and ready". Draisner, after suffering from the extreme cold, climbed down from the perch and was arrested, handcuffed and taken to jail. She later posted $1,000 and was released. Her choice of protest attire remains a total mystery.

"She packs a pair of brass ovaries", said Captain Ozone. The costumed super-hero from Environmental Media Northwest said he'd love to have her as a caped crusading colleague. "She risked her life to save the lives of others", said Draisner's lawyer Eric Berg. Berg said those adverse to the plant want an environmental study conducted before the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation grants Shasta Lake's request for water to serve the fiberglass plant.

The Bureau of Reclamation at the Shasta Dam contact is:
Buford Holt, (530)-275-1554,
 Bholt@mp.usbr.gov ,  Bholt@mp.usbr.gov .

Denver Federal Building for the Bureau of Reclamation is the place to
contact, since they are the ones who have to clean up their underlings
Attn: Michael Horn,
Denver Federal Center, Bldg. 56,
PO Box 25007,
Denver, CO 80225,
Phone: 303-445-2203,
FAX: 303-445-6328,
 morn@do.usbr.gov .

Celeste Draisner:
Phone 530-275-2708,