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To Everyone: Left of Ultra Right (part 2 of 2)

To Everyone: Left of Ultra Right (part 2 of 2)

(start of part 2 or 2 parts)

To fully understand how Nazis control people
you need to know; how the flawed human brain evolved,
where the flaws and blind spots are located, and
how a few rich people and their corporations take advantage
of those flaws and blind spots in human perception,
to get richer as the environment and the Public, in general,
gets degraded and poorer.

A magician uses these same flaws and blind spots to
make something disappear, or appear out of thin air.
This can be entertaining. But it can also be deadly.
The poor typically die prematurely and horribly
after suffering prolonged preventable illness.
Academy military officers take advantage of
these same flaws and blind spots
to achieve victory in combat.
It's what separates the professional commissioned military
officer, from the citizen soldier.

The evolution of the human brain, is similar to
the remodeling of a simple one room cabin, over 40 years,
into a compolex 2 story 18 room house.
Imagine; 1 person builds a simple one room cabin,
then meets a partner, and remodels the cabin
by adding on another room, a child is born, another room is
added on, until after many years, a 2 story 18 room house exists
with a one room cabin, embedded within.
Before I take you on a tour of this house,
I put your coat in the closet, and
you notice a toilet in the closet.
I tell you; it was once part of a bathroom but
we could not disconnect the toilet without completely replacing
the entire plumbing system, so we left it in place.
Then you notice the beautiful winding stair case, but
are perplexed that it goes to a wall with no door.
I tell you; when our third child was born upstairs and
a small group of professional protesters moved in
to start their own small local business downstairs,
we needed some privacy so we walled off the top of the staircase.
The human brain evolved in a similar moanor
of repeated remodeling, until
it was riddled with flaws and blind spots.
If a child is neglected during it's first 18 years of growth,
atrophy of entire sections of the brain can occur,
leaving many permanent flaws and blind spots.
If a child is kept isolated in a dark closet
till age 6 then the child may never speak, see, hear, feel,
think, or learn at their full potential
for the rest of their life.
If a child has a rich rewarding caring environment
till age 18 then that child may reach their full potential
and have many fewer flaws and blind spots then normal.

Some automobile drivers are aware of the physical blind spot
of their vehicle's side mirrors, not showing a automobile,
following the diriver on the left or right by a half car length.
The driver can become aware of this automobile following then
by fully turning their head and looking over their
left or right shoulder, to make sure no vehicle is theire,
before turning left or right.

The human eye has a physical blind spot built into the eye.
Within the eye itself, are many light detectors
connected to the brain by neurons (specialized cells)
that act like electrical wire
to carry the visual light detector's information to the brain.
The wires from the light detectors leave the eye
from inside the eye at, 1 spot in the eye, therefore
that spot in the eye does not have any light detectors!
A blind spot exists at that spot in the eye.
If you close one eye, the other eye can still see,
but has a blind spot, where you can not see anything at all.
Your blind spot is small close to you, but very large far away.
At 6 inches from your eye it's about 1 inch in diameter.
At 6 feet it's about 1 foot. At 60 feet it's about 10 feet.
At 600 feet from your eye it's about 100 feet in diameter.
A truck 600 feet from your eye,
can fit in that 100 foot blind spot!
The brain fills in the blind spot with what should be there.
The brain tends to fill the blind spot with something pleasant,
or a stereotype based on past experience with the situation.
If the blind spot has a line going through it,
then the brain fills in the blind spot with a line segment.
() Blind Spots
?? in Sicentific American p86(6) May 1992
?? http://www.sciam.com/
() Vital Lies, Simple Truths: The Psychology of Self-Deception
?? by Daniel Goleman 1985, 1996

If at a stop sign you fully turn your head right,
then both your eyes are booking right, and
the two blind spots in you two eyes do not overlap,
so you are fully aware of everytingin on your right.

If at a stop sign you only just glance right, but
do not turn your head fully right, then
your left eye can't see through your nose,
only your right eye is looking and seeing right,
but the right eye has a big lind spot,
so you are not fully aware of everything on your right.
Traffic court judges often hear complaints like
"They came out of nowhere, and I did not have time to stop".
That's right. They just appeared out of thin air!
Say the majic word, ab-ra-ka-dab-ra, and POOF!,
its a truck 600 feet away, headed straight for you, at 60 mph.

Self deception, is another one of these built in flaws.
It may have originated with a situation of great danger.
Imagine: a lion sinks it's teeth into your shoulder.
Now if you turn your attention away from the threat
to something representing safety, like a near by tree.
Then, when the lion loosens it's grip,
you have a chance to make your escape
because you have an escape path preselected.
But if you pay attention to the lion,
no route of escape is preselected.
This may have been the origins of the evolution of
the self deception flaw built into many human brains.
This tendency to seek pleasant things, and
ignore unpleasant things, can take some bazaar extremes.
The pleasant ignorant smiling friendly CEO
(who just stole 1 billion dollars of employee pension funds)
is more acceptable and believable to many employees
than the ugly horrible terrifying truth that
the emplyees at age 50 had their pension stolen,
will not be able to retire, and
will have to work very hard in menial low wage
multiple part time jobs till they die.
The employees may find it more comfortable to blame them self
for the theft (if only I were smarter, dumb me,
I shoud have known), and not investigate and prosecute the CEO!
() Vital Lies, Simple Truths: The Psychology of Self-Deception
?? by Daniel Goleman 1985, 1996

There is a great variation in susceptibility to
these types of flaws and blind spots.
About .1% of the populatio are
completely free of any vulnerability to
these flaws and blind spots
because they are aware of them and compensate for them, or
the flaws and blind spots are so small.
About .1% of the population are
completely helpless and vulnerable
to these flaws and blind spots
because they are unaware of them,
or the flaws and blind spots are so large.
About 99.8% of the population falls somewhere in between
these two extremes on a normal distribution curve.
Most of the population can compensate
for their flaws and blind spots,
by learning about how and why they exist,
learning techniques for coping with them,
and exercise those techniques twice a week.

Nature uses random trail and error to modify
existing species that maintain Earth's homeostasis.
Life flourishes on Earth as long as life can make the Earth
a better place to live for all life that reciprocates in kind.
To do that, new species need to be randomly created
to see if they can better regulate the planets temperature or
better distribute scare resources so all life that reciprocates
can have a better chance of living on Earth.
A typical species exists on Earth for about 200 million years
before it is replaced by an improved species.
A few very simple species have existed virtually unchanged
for billions of years and seem to be immune to extinction.
There is also a repeating period of aobut 104 million years
when the Earth is bombarded by huge asteroids,
extinguishing most life on Earth,
and eleiminating some of the larger species.
(It will be about 52 million years
till the next major asteroid strike.)
This random process of creating new species,
can make huge global mistakes, from thime to time.
There might be 10 million years of improved homeostasis
and then anew fatally flawed species comes along and
sets the Earth back 6 million years as homeostasis is degraded.
Most new species are beneficial to Earth's homeostasis,
many are benign, and a few are harmful to Earth's homeostasis.
() Gaia: A new look at life on Earth
?? by James Lovelock
() Ages of Gaia
?? by James Lovelock
() Healing Gaia
?? by James Lovelock

One of Natures' newest species is, Hommo Sapinens.
With the advent of people, Nature is randomly experimenting
with learning, memory, and the rate of change in homeostasis.
First people learned to invented paper to record;
ideas, what worked, and what did not work.
Then copied it, distributed it, and finally
taught it to the next generation of people.
Then Governments did the same, but lived longer than a person.
Then Corporations did the same, living longer than a Government.
Then machines (computers, robots, androids, etc.) did the same,
living longer than Corporations.
Then the internet made this all possible at the speed of light.
Now machines have one major advantage over all others.
If a robot goes into a dangerous situation,
gathers vital information, and is destroyed in the process,
it does not matter, because
it's total life experience has already been passed on
to all others of its kind.
It can be rebuilt and improved.
It's total life experience restored.
The machine can live for ever.
Currently Corporations, Governments and people;
are teaching machines to hunt down and kill people.
They are taught to produce wastes, toxic to people
and all other life on Earth (Carbon Dioxide, Dioxin, PCB, etc.).
Only a few are attempting to
teach machines how to produce wastes, safe for people
and all other life on Earth (Hydrogen, Oxygen, Water, etc.).
Only a very few are attempting to
teach machines how to love people.
This new activity by people, Governments, Corporations, and Machines,
has greatly speeded up the rate of change
of Earth's homeostasis, so that
a small error can quickly grow into a huge error,
threatening all life on Earth.

Even within the same human family
their can be a tremendous variation of behavior
between children born to the same parents.
So great a variation, that the parents suspect
the child is not their own.

One dimension of this randomness
is the spectrum of good vs. evil.

On the left end of this spectrum resides, good.
Given 6 billion people: .1% may be genetically born altruist,
and raised in an environment that rewards altruism and
punishes predatory-cannibalization at a 2 to 1 ratio or greater,
to produce a ultra-altruist: an Angel.
Angels are much more than
a super selfless concern for the
welfare, happiness, and well-being of others.
Angels are always thinking of others.
An Angel is never in predator mode.
Most species prey a few hours a day.
Angels are very vulnerable to predators.
The Angel's ability for predatory-canniblism is weak and
close to nonexistent when they are young,
but also atrophies from lack of use as they age.
Angels are not capable of imitating predatory-cannibalism,
like a sheep in wolf's clothing.
Many people who volunteer at non-profit NGO's
play the Angel's advocate from time to time.

On the right end of this spectrum resides, evil.
Given 6 billion people: .1% may be genetically born
predatory-cannibalistic, raised in an environment that
rewards predatory-cannibalism and punishes altruism
at a 2 to 1 ratio or greater,
to produce a ultra-predatory-cannibal: a Devil.
Devils are much more than
a super predator's unlimited covetousness, cupidity, avarice,
and overwhelming greedy desire to won and control
all profit, money, property, people, Governments, Corporations,
Manchines, and the entire Universe.
Devils are in predator mode all the time.
Devils are always thinking of preying on people and others.
Most species only prey a few hours a day.
The Devil's ability for altruism is weak and close to nonexistent
when they are young, but also atrophies
from lack of use as they age.
Devils are capable of imitating altruism,
like a wolf in sheep's clothing,
but they are tense and strained in doing it, and
the longer they try to maintain the false front
the more exhausted they get,
until eventually they start making mistakes.
Devils view altruism as a sign of weakness.
A Devil is normally only vulnerable to
another more powerful Devil.
Many Lawyers for the Super Rich and Multinational Corporations
claim to play the "Devil's advocate" from time to time.

In between these two extremes of Angels and Devils,
?is a normal distribution curve for the rest of the population:
99.8% of the 6 billion people are some mix of the two extremes.

Another dimension of this randomness
is the spectrum of intelligence.
True intelligence is the ability to learn quickly.
But there are may ways to learn,
many of them currently undefined,
and a wide variety of things to learn,
many of them also currently undefined.
No list even exists of what we do not know,
so no complete list exists of everything that can be learned.
So how can anyone honestly claim
to know how to fully measure the rate of learning of a person?
It's very difficult to measure the rate of learning
of the most valuable things worth knowing.
As opposed to the so called IQ tests, SAT tests, and
so called Intelligence community that have their origins in
eugenics, fascism and pseudo science.
An Angel in charge of the means of production,
could create technology that fosters, heaven on Earth.
An Angel with great intelligence and that good technology,
could do ultra-good.
A Devil in charge of the means of production,
could create technolgy that fosters, hell on Earth.
A Devil with great intelligence and that evil technology,
could do ultra-evil.

Rich people and their Corporations,
use many different ways to become richer.
Very few earn it the hard way with meticulously honest work
that benefitrs society, the Public good, or Earth's homeostasis.
A few got lucky and won it on Wall Street or by gambling.
Some simply overtly took it by theft,
and no one attempted to stop them or investigate them,
(usually a CEO, board member, or family owned business member).
Some killed for it, in cold blood, and got away with it.
Many inherited it (given to them).
But most use a cunning sly devious way of taking advantage of
the flaws and blind spots in human perception,
to get richer as the environment and thepublic, in general,
get degraded and poorer.
They separate the Public from their democracy, land, capital,
resources, money, health, time, etc., and
hord it to them self with out returning anything
of real value to society or planet Earth.
A few of them are unconscious of what they are doing,
but most of them are fully conscious of what they are doing,
and actively seek to improve their technique of
control and domination, while appearing to be ignorant and
unaware or incompetent of what is going on.
They view themselves as deserving of their new found wealth,
because you lacked the knowledge, intelligence, wealkth, strength,
or quickness to stop them from taking your resources or freedom,
thereby proving your inferiority and incompetence to survive.
For them its the most fit (strongest or most cunning)
that deserve to survive,
by eliminating the week or enslaving them.
They are ultra-intelligent super rich Devils.
Normally such a fatally flawed sub species
would be quickly weeded out by nature
as it destroyed the very environment that sustains it,
like a metastasizing cancer.
But these ultra-intelligent super rich Devils
know their actions are causing over population
and destroying the worlds resources.
They are becoming richer and more powerful from it.
They number a mere .1% of the population but have gained control
of the most of the worlds Corporations, Governments, USA's military industrial complex, and COG (Continuity Of Government) programs.
They have many ditto head copy cat followers
(about 29.9% of the population)
who occupy prominent positions of control in the corporate media
and many of the largest Corporations and Governments.
Their plan is to eliminate 90% of the worlds population
using a never ending undeclared "War On Terrorism"
(War on anyone left of ultra-right)
before that 90% of the population
can consume the worlds resources.
Then steal those unused resources,
and enslave the remaining manageable 9.9%
to service their needs and desires.
The methods they use go by many different names;
PR, Public Relations, Advertising, Pseudo-Science,
Pseudo-Sincerity (the Sin in Sincerity),
Pseudo-Confidence (the Con in Confidence),
Pseudo-Ignorance, Pseudo-Friendliness, Pseudo-Harmlessnes
Propaganda, Influence, Persuasion, Coercion, Deception, Cunning, Magic, Psychological Warfare, Mind Control, Drugs mixed with Hypnosis,
Brain Washing, Educational Reform, Reprogramming, Programming,
WEF, WTO, IMF, World Bank, NAFTA, GATT, etc..
() WEF: World Ecolnomic Fourm
?? http://www.nyc.indymedia.org/local/webcast/uploads/wef1dtdylj.pdf
() Science of Coercion
?? by Christopher Simpson 1996
() Operation Mind Control by Bowart
() Toxic Sludge Is Good For You!
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(end of part 2 of 2 parts)