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Words for the Eco-terrorism Hearing

A words and thoughts for the Feb. 12 hearings on eco-terrorism.
A rhetorical war is being waged here. Not a war on ideas or a war on terrorism, but a war in which the members of this committee have painted themselves "victims" in a culture of victimhood, making the all too obvious connection to the attacks on the United States of last year; trying their hardest to liken themselves to the thousands of innocent dead; trying to legitimize their desire to quash all criticism of their destructive policies and omnivorous activities by stating that they have been mercilessly attacked by savages, as they might like to portray their detractors. This is a cheap and desperate ploy by a group of people who are not only not innocent, but also not concerned with preserving anything but their own income regardless of the damage.

The painfully obvious aim of this hearing is to target those who would seek to criticize global industry and the government that fuels it. These businesspeople claim that those who criticize are extremists or fanatics, and yet what these same businesspeople fail to see is that they themselves are fanatics, consumption extremists, profit fundamentalists, while those individuals who attempt to raise questions, to point out violations, are simply exercising their rights, seeking to express freely what they see and believe to be wrong.

Some would say that the individuals being interrogated here have taken up methods and means which are not conventional, which do not fit into the established order, but in a society where the means of communication have been swallowed up by those same corporations that they are criticizing there is little left for them to do but seek other means to gain access to the public.

And so we are here, and you are seeking to accuse, to suppress, perhaps even to eliminate your opposition by means of words and accusations, and one can only begin to imagine the force that you hope that labeling them will unleash. You act as an imposing body wishing to intimidate and threaten both literally and figuratively and you have asked the judicial system to uphold your shocking tactics. I can only hope that they see through your claims, that they consider the effects that supporting your claims could have in the long-term, on the people of America, on the "innocents" of the land, and on themselves as members of this society.

If this hearing, as I fear, is only the beginning of a long-term offensive against any and all demonstrations which seek to promote the sustaining of environment and justice than I can only hope that this hearing is not allowed to set the precedent that it obviously hopes to, of allowing those businesses that would put production and income over the needs of the globe and it's people by demonizing individuals and organizations who attempt to preserve our natural world and to uphold their freedoms.