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Final Declaration of Porto Alegre

Another world is possible! Deregulation,liberalization and privatization, America's neoliberal self-image, must give way to debt cancellation and the use of technology and knowledge for human survival!
The Final Declaration of Porto Alegre

[This declaration from February 6, 2002 published in: die tageszeitung, February 9, 2002 is translated from the German on the World Wide Web, www.taz.de/pt/.nf/spText.Name,neoliberalismus.idx,3.]

“We, the social movements of this world, came together to continue our efforts against neoliberalism and war. We say: `Another world is possible.’ (…) We are a global solidarian movement, united in the resisting the concentration of wealth, the expansion of poverty and the destruction of the earth. We build alternatives. (…)

We condemn the terrorist attacks on New York. (…) The war against terrorism will expand to other fronts. A permanent global war begins to assure the hegemony of the USA and its allies. (…)

Neoliberal policy has caused abject poverty. It has intensified the slave trade with women and children and their sexual exploitation. Millions of persons are denied dignity, rights and freedom. Therefore we demand the right of personal freedom, the right to bodily intactness and a legal status for all migrant workers. (…)

The countries of the South have already repaid their foreign debts several times over. We urge the unconditional cancellation of all debts. (…)

Self-determined food on the local, regional and national planes is a human right. (…) We struggle for democracy, for the introduction of the Tobin tax, the closure of tax havens, and for a social, democratic European Union (…). The WTO, IMF and the World Bank will meet somewhere. And we will be there!”

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