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Flame On!

From a Portland state of mind, the pictures from Salt Lake Winter Olympics don't get any better.
I'm standing in Jaws II the NBC master control studio in the International Broadcast Center in Salt Lake city listening to the director calling the shots in the worlds most state of the art broadcast facility. Beautiful.

If that wasn't good enough I was out getting a pop and ran into on of the HDTV execs and he suggested I go out and watch the opening ceremony on the large screen television in the trailer out on "the satellite farm".

No doubt. The best image on television I have ever seen in my life. Being native american the ceremony had me living for the rush. Then Robbie Robertson. Wow.....

The HDTV signal that me and my friend Michael Sadoris were watching was so clean you could see the cell phone number when George Bush was talking on the phone. That paticular transmission was being taped for replay to all the HDTV affiliates and Direct TV customers tomorrow. However, there was a proprietary closed circut version being uplinked back to a private party in Washington, D.C. I guess some congressmen and their friends, a crowd of about 300 were so impressed with the signal and the river of booze that when the Blackhawk helicopter circled over the stadium in Salt Lake they all looked up.

Tonya Harding couldn't participate in the opening cermony tonight because she had previous engagements of the third kind. But Bill Johnson of Sandy Oregon is here! Picaboooooooooooooooooooo......Mike Erusione!!!!!!!!!!!!

From ground central of the 2002 Winter Olympics, our freedom may be going to hell in a bucket, but at least we're enjoying the ride.

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