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Flame On! Portland Telepresence from Salt Lake

Fire in the hole, we're getting ready to light the cauldron from the fire within.
I bolted straight up in bed when I heard the blast. Then there were several flashes of light. I wasn't sure what it was or where it was coming from. I pulled back the blinds and the snow was blowing sideways. Time 5:30 a.m. Apparently a transformer had blown nearby.

Holding a package I needed to ship out, I slogged my way towards The Beast, better known as the IBC [media International Broadcast Center]. Gone were the drunks that the police were rousting off the sidewalk outside the liquor store last night. I don't know how the rummies do it. It must have been ten degrees and these two guys were sitting on the raw cement drinking something that looked like anti-freeze.

I walked past a small "decontamination" tent which gave me a moment of pause. The 15' X 15 tent appeared to have some additional cleaning gear conected to it. If there was a real chemical or biological situation, I fear it would be savagely hopeless.

Next was a large trailer filled with bibles. Not just any bibles, the special "recovery" addition. It's funny, the bibles were warmer than the two drunks out on the sidewalk.

Finally got to the daily mag and bag [magnatometer screen and search] and gave them my package. I guess they weren't impressed. Yesterday they found a suspecious package in a parking structure across the street. It was wire and electrical components of some kind. [a hoax] I wonder if it was the same one they blew up. Anyway my package was full of wire and electrical components, so I was as popular with the guys on the screener as a fart in church.

Once past security I started making my way towards NBC. I visited with my friend Casey this morning as he casually mentioned George Bush was rolling into the facility this afternoon. I saw something moving on the building to my right and I saw a man in black with a rifle. The security guard walked over and said; "Imagine he's looking at us through the cross hairs saying;'Which one should I take out first? The one of the left or the one on the right?'

This reminded me that my dad had breakfast with Wild George Bush and Big Dick Cheny on Tuesday. I was about twelve or thirteen my dad took me over to Billy Grahams house for the afternoon. I remember meeting his wife Ruth Graham and the fact that they had a humidifier to protect all the books in his library. I noticed there was no television in the house. Apparently Dr. Graham believed in the power of the medium for Crusades, but he didn't have much use for the rest of it, and he didn't like his children watching it.

I heard a rumour that Billy Graham brought George W. to Christ. I wondered if that was somehow connected to my dad having dinner with Bush and Chenny on Tuesday morning at the President's prayer breakfast. The Billy Graham connection. Everybody should have one. Bush's people called dad and asked him to be a table host. Table host...

I asked pops to get a picture of the event if he could. I said I'd like one with Mr. Cheney the ventriliquist and his dummy. Pops wasn't impressed. He told me what an honor it was to be invited. He went onto say that he couldn't figure out why he deseved this honor. I told him I suspect it was all the good work he had done to aid the domestic secret war. All guns, God and guts. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. Either you're with us, or you're against us. They're kidding, right?

So as I look down at the NBC commisary menu for Friday, February 8, 2002. I laughed when I saw what we were having for dinner. BBQ Chicken, Country Style Pork Ribs and baked beans. Yee Haa.... Texiass Style.... Well....lets see... I just looked up at the screen in technical logistics and there's Bush talking with a bunch of old men behind him wearing suits and cowboy hats. Oh, it's the Cattlemen's Association in Denver. I thought it was the Enron board.

Another security guard asked me what kind of vehicle I thought Bush would be in. Like I would know. Casey said it would be a bullet proof limo. I said I thought it would be a bomb proof car. I don't know... I don't ask questions anymore, not those kind of questions anyway.

I changed the channel and the local news was doing a story on the bomb school 30 miles away from the Trinity project where the first nuclear device was tested. The bomb school guys stuck a bunch of fertilizer in a stationwagon and threw the switch. Boom! Just big kids with firecrackers.

Marc Arcolio is my pyrotechnic friend who owns FX Magic, a special effects company for film and television. I like to chat with mark about blowing things up like some people like to talk about guns. I'm trying to familiarize myself with the craft so I can use these techniques to bring more value to film projects cost effectively. Marc pointed out that for film work you use a different explosive device so you get fireballs and a lot of things blowing up and away. For instance Marc will cut the roof off a car, replace it with balsawood and finish it so it looks like a regular auto roof. Then they place the "fireball" in a tray under the roof and cable the doors, hood, trunk, etc. The wood roof blows up and the fireball goes out, while all the doors and hood blow off. Lot's of what they call "business for the camera" so that everything is done for the visual effect.

When they blew up the station wagon all that was left was a ball of metal. Marc said that type of blast was made for killing. The fertilizer bomb was the same type that was used in the Oklahoma bombing. Just a dirty cloud of dust that when settles reveals pure devastation. In this case just a ball of metal.

The days here in Salt Lake are taking on a surealistic feel. I feel like I'm walking through a movie.

Oregon's own Picabo Steet is on T.V. now talking security. How funny. Now she's talking about how patriotic she is, and how deep down at heart she's a Nike girl. She's covered in "swooshtikas". I understand she [like anyone else I guess] could be a real handfull. If you see the Peeksteer throw her a couple of joints. It helps mellow her rush.

A few minutes ago the president was with Mr. Gordon B. Hinckley [no not the guy who shot Regan] the leader of the Morman church. The leader of the Morman church is going to be "witnessed to" by the leader of the free world. Rumour has hit George W. feels confident he can bring Mr. Hinckley to "the real Jesus," Christ, should be interesting. The Mormons say they are keeping a low profile at the games, but they are the only religion who have promotional material at the information desk. What's with that?

Flame on! And let the games begin.

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