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Bush Daddy Serpent

It's about more than Bush Daddy's forked-tongue.
Although "Bush Daddy Scene" Id=128276 stayed posted on Ontario and Brazil IMCs; my Daddy said that the limited success of reposts on other problem sites was a sure sign that success will only come when the lawless ones turn against each other (Ps. 64:8). I reposted under the title; "By Popular Demand" by "Prettiest One" (Id=124412), and Arizona IMC is the only one where it stayed reposted. Not only did your silence confirm that "The Closet" was the only perfect poem ever written; but your silence also confirmed that I am the Prettiest One. If anybody disagrees, I say that they need more lipstick. The lawless censors on problem IMC sites operate under the same premises as all other renegades of the "revolt of Jacob" (Mic. 1:5; Ids= 102423 & 120932), including Zion's Secret Police (Ids=104469 & 109956). These censors remove these articles because somebody told them that they could. They can't reveal who told them that they could because they probably know that person is a criminal. Furthermore the censors know that such removals are criminal; but they've probably been told that their anonymity will protect them. Although the revelation of the true names and addresses of these censors might help them learn why the lifesaving information in these articles should have been available to all, it is probable that these censors along with all other renegades have gotten in line for their own deaths (Prov. 11:19), whether they die as part of the problem or as part of the solution to the problem.

The "Body of the Symbolic Snake", which represents this perverted form of Zionism (Id=104469), is composed of several groups that are likely to turn against each other once they have learned why their folly has been made plain to all (2 Tim. 3:9; Id=48513). Although the renegades continue to trash our Civil Liberties, exposing their folly whenever it appears will help to pinpoint what ails us. For example, if some punk rogue cop moved on himself by abducting me at Cornell (Id=108404), it is not enough to have him write out what happened in order to check for spelling, grammar, and functional deficiency. This man moved on punk rogues everywhere in all professions; thus one should never waste an opportunity to document stupidity and expose the bogus academic credentials that have allowed such stupidity to proliferate. If my abduction was the third attempt masterminded by the alleged social worker, who is the Town Messiah (Ids=41739, 42982, & 43985); what better time is there to expose that he probably has no education whatsoever? If the primary purpose of this abduction was to get me under the control of the medical profession, why waste the opportunity to expose any criminal intentions on their part? If you can't get them to confess to capital crimes, try to get them to confess to crimes that will justify self-defense (Id=115043). As a result of an Ithaca man being run down in a crosswalk then being charged with obstructing traffic a few weeks ago, it looks like the punk rogues have switched from "Suicide America Style" Id=98219 to hit-and-run (Rev. 9:19). This became even more evident when former Cornell University President Frank Rhodes was run down in Naples, Florida. The cloud of brake dust that envelopes Ithaca during the day and settles on the town at night is probably part of the power of the "tails of the serpents" of Chapter 9 of Revelations; i.e. the automobile. If some nosy renegade insists on getting into your house to verify that you've been using Bob's makeshift air filter (Id=60292) to prolong your life, keep in mind that might be "forced entry". Ask for proof of the folly that these renegades uphold as truth, whether they are contending that abductions are legal, that brake dust promotes traction, that arsenic is harmless (Id=34929), that antibiotics work on Anthrax (Ids= 82672 & 87001), or that Sarin is not a mythical chemical (Id= 24988). (The lawless ones had someone trying to fill my place with arsine at 3 AM this morning. The last guy who tried that probably never recovered. They should try the "antidote" first!)

By observing the many groups that comprise the "serpent" that is Zionism, it becomes clear that most of Bush Daddy Tribe, Messiah Exarchou's followers (Id=62371), and coprophagists in general (Id= 70672) have allied themselves closely with Zion's Secret Police. Although renegades like Bush Daddy and Messiah Exarchou may have Sephardic and/or Turko-Mongol ancestors (Id=36936), it becomes obvious that they all try to play "three sides of the fence", so that they might come out on the winning side. Although I have addressed the Plans of the Synagogue of Satan and the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion numerous times in my writings (Ids=37604 & 44851); it is time to look at the probable reason that these writings even exist. It appears that the Semitic Sephardim Jews have assumed roles as the most visible manifestants of the "serpent" that is Zionism as outlined in the Protocols. The Turko-Mongols seem to be concentrated in less visible roles such as infiltration, subjugation, and secret police; plus their ranks are swelled by the coprophagists who have the most depraved indifference to human life (Id= 31133). As a result of this, it looks like the Turko-Mongols have set it up so that they will replace the Sephardic Jews as God's alleged chosen people. When Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovich said that "..the death of a few thousand Jews in exchange for world leadership is a small price to pay"; he was probably talking about the death of all Sephardic Jews. The hidden learned "Elders of Zion" are probably all in league with the Turko-Mongols. Turko-Mongols everywhere are probably prepared to turn on the Sephardic Jews and blame them for everything that ails society. When the Protocols say that "..rare indeed are the men who would not be willing to sacrifice the welfare of all for the sake of securing their own welfare", these lawless ones don't seem to understand that is an agreement to sacrifice themselves. Blind obedience in the pursuit of their own death is what it is all about. The HEAD and the BODY are independent of each other as well as the different parts of the BODY being unaware of other parts. The Bush Daddy Tribe and those allied with them as mentioned above are a "serpent" within the "serpent" that is Zionism; and it involves more than Bush Daddy's "forked-tongue". Since the Bush Daddy Serpent is allied with the "enforcement arm" of the "serpent"; they focus on trashing Civil Liberties, disarming the population, soaking bullets, and stuff like that as part of their quest for domination. Keep your powder dry (1 Thess. 5:3)! That's what my Daddy said!

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Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Israel" Deaf Messenger

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Bobby Meade meets with his editorial staff 09.Feb.2002 16:38


Bobby Meade meets with his editorial staff
Bobby Meade meets with his editorial staff