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Are Stolen Goods to be Returned?

While many congress people are returning Enron politicla money, President G W Bush has not.
Dear GW Bush,
If your cabinet people knew enron was collapsing so did you. Why did you lie to the American people that you hardly knew Ken Lay? If a house is on fire and you don't call 911 then you're an accessory. You knew the house was on fire. AND you've also stacked the government with x-enron thieves, including Pitt at the SEC.
Are you going to also give all that dirty money you got from enron theives back to it's true owners - the stockholders and the employees? Holding stolen goods was a crime last time I checked. Why, in fact, haven't you and the republican party taken what little high ground is left for you and ALREADY given the money back?
It's more than obvious that big money has deeply tainted you and Cheney. You both need to resign now.
Sincerely, Michael Warner.
inside the power machine 10.Feb.2002 06:42


gwb..you should resign now the texas powermachine is coming apart