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One way we can inform ourselves and others! (flyer art)

This is a flyer I've been passing out to hundreds of people where I am. I hope you will find a flyer of this type--broad demystification orientation--valuable enough to either use this same one or make one even better. The trick is, make one that may "bridge" with as many people as possible, instead of the usual "single issue" (usually topical) flyer we see all over. The beauty of this method is that it undermines all the "us vs. them" hysteria that most anti-war protesters are facing when they remain stuck in the single issue of the situation in the middle east.
One way we can inform ourselves and others! (flyer art)
One way we can inform ourselves and others! (flyer art)
The technique of this flyer is basically one similar to the style which the great Chicago organizer and social challenger Saul Alynsky used in his dealings with immovable social and cultural managers. In his book _Rules For Radicals_ he spoke of "going outside the experience of" opponents, yet "within the experience" of one's identified orientation. A lot of his tactics were just amazing and really funny, and that is probably why so few of you have heard of him, much less his "mass jiu-jitsu" methods. (Even our alleged "leaders" in the Left (or Right, Rear and Center) don't inform you of people like this. Why? Because they're THAT powerful!)

No "real" article, except a call for a dialogue on the pros and cons of making flyers which may reach as many different kinds of people as possible with the hopes of promoting *intellectual self-defense* and the kinds of awareness I spoke of in the article (  http://www.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=131289&group=webcast ) where we may learn to bridge with our elite or influential policymaker or upper-echelon implementer parents. A discussion of this flyer could be valuable in at least opening up some kind of dialogue.

In my view, it would be VERY important if you/we could bring our dialogue to a space like this, whether by getting our parents/family members actually visiting here and getting into a discussion with all here, or us bringing their arguments here and all of us contributing to ideas for how we might approach or take on their arguments.

Note, I do see value in telling our biological connections (family) that we will be discussing the matter with others at places like this. (So not to keep any secrets which may be exploited by the political police, etc.)u
nut up 07.Feb.2002 21:48


I really like your idea, but I was thinking that the flyer has a whole lot of words on it. Shouldn't there also be pretty pictures? Also, I feel like the only people willing to check out your websites would be the already or semi-converted. My mom certainly wouldn't! But she might get hit in the face with a crazy poem about sex and clouds with some cuss words and maybe even some political stuff that is right there on a page in front of her that she found in her newspaper or in the mailbox or under her windsheild. Just so when she picks it up, even if she throws it away immediately in disgust, she'll have to remember it. I want to annoy some people, and excite them, maybe make them laugh and shouldn't these flyers be art more than anything, because if we're going to create anything, then that's art, isn't it? yeah! let's waste paper for a fun cause. It's better than a billion more boring lives.