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Food Front Co-op: In Risk of Assimilation?

Recent trip to the Food Front Co-op in Northwest Portland leaves bad taste in author's mouth.
I recently bought a bottle of Oakridge Organic Orchards Apple Cider at the Food Front Co-op store in NW Portland and it tasted like ass...which is bad because normally it tastes great AND is made just across the river in White Salmon, WA. Then I hear on the radio some commercial spots from Zupan's Grocery Store (that neo-capitalist yuppie dive of the elite and wannabe elite alike) that advertise that 'not shopping at Zupans could be a risk because "quality may vary"'.

Now, I just may be paranoid, but is this a coordinated campaign by the "invisible yuppie drove" to drive the Co-op out of business? Is the fix in? And why does the Co-op now have a display case advertising bee products (when bee production is horrendously cruel)?

The battle for 24th street may be done (there are TWO Starbucks Coffee stores there plus a Gap plus Zupans plus enough "ubber-yuppie" corporations to make you retch till Bush leaves office). Will they take our food supplies as well? Wish I knew.
the voice of reason 08.Feb.2002 02:34

jesse james

Hmmm.... interesting comments. I think you ARE paranoid, or have a very creative imagination... its laways good to think about these possibilities.. but frankly, no one wants to conspire with apple juice at natural food stores in hopes that its ciustomners will convert to Zupan-ism. Thats ridiculous. If you are looking for a MEATY conspiracy theory, why not contemplate the 911 scenario. As for you critque of "24th avenue" (its actually 23rd) Yes it is nauseatin', but then again there are all walks of life that live in the neighborhood.... old folks, young folks, crazies, homeles, group home residents, hipsters , junkies, alkies, dogs , cats and yes some yuppies. Lets not practice prejudice on a neighborhood for the sole fact that evil corporate stores operate there.... it simply perpetuates stereo-types and hate.... and fails to acknowledge the frail humanity. Even you don't agree with folks, they are still deserving of respect.

Think Globally, Act Stupidly 08.Feb.2002 11:36

Midnight Rambler

<sarcasm font>Sure, it's not like there are any elite power games being run here in the old Windy River City.(/sarcasm>

Yes, it is 23rd street I meant and there are two Starbucks Coffees located within two blocks from each other on the same street (besides a whole lot of corp shite on either side).

I often stroll down that same street and make fun of all the beaverton/hillsboro yuppies as they try to fling away their disposable income at the various global economy goods on that row to impress yeah, even their betters..

You have converted me! I will now have a friendly "ta-doo" for all MY betters.

Love in wit,