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Salt Lake 2002 Portland's Telepresence

From inside "The Belly Of The Beast" the International Broadcast Center,the internal organs of the 2002 Olympic games are pumping blood to the brain.
From my desent into Salt Lake I could see the yellow smog inversion that has made a good oxegen mask sound better than ever. I spent last Friday through Monday up in Park Cities checking out some of the venues and basically getting a feel for the lay of the land. A Pinkerton security guard let me read her paper Sunday morning. I was a bit taken aback by the story about the 50 caliber rifle found in the snow with a "clear shot" of a nearby game venue. The gun was a single bolt action rifle, non-military issue with 386 colored tipped rounds Vietnam issue in a hardshell case. The rifle was found by a local who was in
the area hunting cayote. The story seemed to be very low-key in an effort to keep the hysteria at bay, but I couldn't help but wonder; What next?

I'm a very tightly locked down facility that has x-ray screening devices as well as a bomb sniffing dog and an attack dog. The "sniffer" seemed like a likable enough fellow, but the "attack" looked a bit psychotic so I made a mental note to keep eyes in the back of my head in the same way you would around someone operating a fork-lift.

Every so often one of the dogs would start to whine and yelp and you couldn't wonder if "this might be it." Once I got over that fear, a lady decided to go back behind the bobwire fence screening area, past the glock wearing police officer and the beret wearing national guard troups and proceded to reach into the attack dogs cage to give him a little pat. I understand they were able to save the tendons in her hand, but that an infection had now set in and she sports a caste over the stitches. And that's just how that day began.

Two women working one of the venues were going through security when the one of the "sniffers" went crazy. A seach of their vehicle revealed a "roach" from a joint and they found themselves not only in an embarasing situation, but also out of a job.

Last night I was at looking at an HD High Definition TV monitor while they were going through the dress rehearsal for the opening ceremonies. If you have the opportunity to see the ceremonies on an HDTV I strongly advise it. You can practically "read the horses mind's" by looking at their eyes the picture is so clear.

This morning I chatted with Mark Arcolio about his special effects company and some of the work he has done on movies such as CON AIR and NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET. Mark is one of those guys you meet on a film and television set that can do everything. He has been helping Technical Logistics get everything ready to go for the broadcast that starts tomorrow.

The air of excitement grows as the torch approaches.

From the belly of the beast we are "Lighting the fire within."

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