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Hiroshima Flame: Later on 5th Day

I'm writing from the Corvallis Public Library....
You know, I almost misspelled Public above - Carrie would know what I meant. So today has been a bit of a long day. We said goodbye to Tibor and Becky, though both of them will rejoin the walking later on.

I missed my fellow hawk watcher today. Shingo is watching me type this right now and I hope he is enjoying it. So I spent the morning quietly after interviewing Smitty. He's a strong man. He's the only African American on the walk currently and he is up front and boldly carrying a flag proclaiming "One People, One Earth." It was a strong interview that will be posted when I have some time. We talked about race stuff, his experiences with the 13 month Middle Passage Walk, and how we gotta wake up from this coma here in America.

After talking with him, I spoke with Carol, who's with Corvalis' Alternatives to War. She gave me the low down on what's been happening out there. Apparently, American media finally caught our troops "accidentally killing innocent civilians in Afghanistan". She told me about the "military advisors" in the Philippines. She told me about the ships outside of Somalia. It was hard to hear. So I walked towards the back and walked one step, one mind. I listened to the earth and the wind for answers. I am only one person on this walk, on this earth, in this whole crazy place. I have no right to force my way. I can only be thankful for what I have.

I saw a hawk perched on a tree ahead of me. I thought back to my walking buddy who is missed today by a lot of the walkers. I am so glad to meet everyone on this walk. In case you can't listen to Saiya's audio interview, when I asked him what the walk was like for him, he said something like, "It is meeting. I meet all the people. I meet the ground. I meet the air. I meet the cars. I meet the trees...." I want to say I have met you and I am very glad to have met you.

Sorry, Andy! 07.Feb.2002 07:32

Carol calex@peak.org

I should have not answered your questions about the world "outside." Better that you stay
in that other world of the walkers as long as you can. Better to watch the hawks watching us
for a time than to let our thoughts spin with the outside. Did you notice how three ravens circled
high overhead for a time? And how the horses in the fields were tense with interest? Even the chickens we
passed were excited. Even the scowling faces behind the windshields, trying hard not to see,
softened when they were compelled to look. "The whole world could be like this," I thought. Such a
fine line to cross.

For the walkers: May the hawks and all creatures continue to watch over you as you move
through the land, planting your blessing and hope wherever you pass.

Carol from Corvallis