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Some great news for the Colombian people!

Administration shifts focus on Colombia Aid. Who the fuck even cares anymore? A worthless read.
People can certainly complain about publications like the New York Times for their conservative viewpoints, glaring omissions, and undeniable interests in big business. But still, it is possible to learn some amazing things. For example, the Feb. 6th edition has an article by Juan Forero called "Administration shifts focus on Colombia Aid" about a new proposal to give nearly 100 million dollars to the Colombian military "to guard the Caño Limón pipeline, which transports crude oil pumped by Occidental Petroleum of Los Angeles from the country's eastern oil fields to a Caribbean port." This is but a small part of the 731 million dollars the administration wants for anti-drug operations in 2003, and on top of the 1.3 billion dollar aid package allocated in 2000 for military training of the Colombian Army. The article goes on to note that the pipeline was bombed 170 times in the last year by "rebels who see Occidental as an exploiter of Colombian resources." I don't know where those rebels get their crazy ideas, but I'm glad to see the US stepping in to set things straight. Can you imagine what might happen if our money wasn't there to protect the interests of delicate flowers and corporations like Occidental?
This article is blatant and bald. There is very little innuendo. Even the complaints of human rights organizations are presented fairly and accurately, if minimally. But it is there in the newspaper, the only major article on page A6. It's because nobody fucking cares. Who gives a fuck anymore, or ever did? Certainly not my parents! And what the fuck is anyone going to do to stop it? Write a letter? March the fuck around Washington DC? There is nothing anyone can do to stop that money from going to Colombia. bite me.
Nihilism 07.Feb.2002 15:37


Your pretty nihilistic, pessemistic, or just fed up, who isn't? If marching around or writing letters doesn't float your boat, start monkey wrenching, then you can have a direct impact on this injust system, if you choose to do nothing then stop complaining

Oregonian actually printed a quote from a FLM 07.Feb.2002 19:43


On the 3rd page of the (Thursday, February 6th) Oregonian there is an article with quotes and a picture of Simon Trinidad, leader of FARC concerning that issue your talking about. Sometimes something slips by.