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mainstream media unreliable in NYC during WEF

This is cross-posted from nyc indymedia
There's been a discussion about mainstream media going on at portland indymedia at http://portland.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=7116&group=webcast in which someone claiming to be from mainstream media has posted, in support of rEvolution but in defense of mainstream media. This story from the streets of NYC stands alone, but also belongs with that discussion.

From NYC Indymedia:

ABC Nightline has decided not to run a potentially sympathetic piece it had prepared on a group of protesters organizing against the World Economic Forum in NYC. The group of protesters had spent the weeks leading up to the protests bending over backwards to accomodate ABC as they filmed countless hours of interviews, discussions, medic teach-ins, specific protest shots, etc...

Among the reasons cited by ABC Nightline producer Ted Gerstein is that there was not enough of what the corporate media likes to call "violence" at the demonstration. Ted acknowledged that the actions taken by ABC sends a strong message to protesters that you're "damned if you do and damned if you don't."

ABC is a member of the World Economic Forum, and has been widely criticized for sending in undercover reporters to videotape protesters' meetings.

Additionally, members of the group ABC was filming were targetted specifically by the police. Despite the fact that ABC was supposed to be following the group, they were not on hand to video tape any of the arrests. Eyewitness accounts, and an IMC video, shows those targetted for arrest were not engaged in any confrontational or disobedient act at the time of arrest.

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