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Rumsfeld Defends False Data (again?)

Donald Rumsfeld's history of handling flawed technical data as a "political, rather than technical" problem could explain the "success" of recent Nuclear Missle Defense (NMD) tests and cost taxpayers a sense of false security, as well as 100s of billions of dollars.
The Purging of Unfriendly Data Continues
by Phillip Morris

When you look at the apparent reversal in the fate of the NMD, take into consideration the who is in charge at DOD. This is the same Donald Rumsfeld -
http://rumsfeld.blogspot.com -
who was the CEO of Searle Laboratories in Skokie, IL at the tail end of their decades long quest to secure FDA approval for the methyl ester of phenylalanine and aspartic acid, i.e. Aspartame, a chemical once important in the production of neurotoxins for DOD. Rumsfeld left Washington with the Ford Administration, to lead Searle up until the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980, and then vowed to take on the FDA approval as a political, rather than technical challenge.

In spite of the fact that Searle was facing federal criminal charges and lawsuits for intentionally presenting FALSE DATA in their failed attempts to get FDA approval for "Aspartame", Rumsfeld succeeded.

there a a few good documents about this referenced at
Essentially, Rumsfeld used his connections in Washington DC to shield Searle laboratories from criminal prosecution while silencing all challenges to their renewed efforts to secure FDA approval for "Aspartame", which was produced by a corporation owned by the former director of MKULTRA. MKULTRA, the government's infamous "mind control" project, was partially declassified by DCI Inman under the Carter administration. Shortly thereafter, G.D. Searle subsequently sold his company to Monsanto, also a leader in chemical weaponry. Like much of the current administration, Searle is now owned by Monsanto. (see URL above for details

It's not a surprise that a "leader" with a track record like Rumsfeld's can once again post an amazing "success" under such adverse circumstances.

In this case, it could very well result in an illusion of security at great expense to the US taxpayer, at an expense much greater than the $100s of billions of dollars that will be spent on the NMD project unless there is timely action by the taxpaying citizens of this country.


-fox, aka
"Phillip Morris"
"bye, Nabisco"

homepage: homepage: http://selah.blogspot.com

Correction to MKULTRA link above 27.Jan.2002 17:11

Philip Morris

The Directory of Central Intelligence (DCI) who released some of the data about MKULTRA was not Bobby Ray Inman, it was Admiral Stansfield Turner, whose statement is archived at: