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In Protest of being Tortured by the fbi and rcmp

Posted in protest of being subjected to nonconsentual experimentation and torture by the fbi and rcmp and to educate the public about the same
In Protest of being Tortured by the fbi and rcmp
In Protest of being Tortured by the fbi and rcmp
The fbi have subjected me to mind control torture for years that included incursions into my home and private life and culminated in intensive trauma based conditioning sessions. The rcmp of london, ontario, canada picked up where the fbi left off when I lived there. They also participated in the conditioning sessions that included trauma based hypnosis, drugs, and electroshock. The trauma included rampant sexual abuse. Skeptical that this kind of thing goes on?:


I have posted about this issue before and I decided to do so again after federal agents in my local los angeles where the abuse started for me have raided the home of the founder of raisethefist.com and laanarchists.org and shut down those sites. They would be happy to shut down indymedia as well:


Raisethefist and indymedia are the only outlet I have had to express what has happened and what goes on with the hypocritically criminal and unconstitutional/anti-charter of rights and freedoms, activities perpetrated by the fbi and the rcmp. There has to be a broad based coalition of concerned citizens to stop this torture and make sure, at least, that these fascists are exposed and leashed.