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US warcrimes OK by Defazio

supposed "left wing" senator pushes the party line

From an article in a recent Oregonian; Defazio makes no outcry against the treatment now meted out to captured prisoners. Funny, I thought that he went to law school, which would mean he has studied the conventions on the treatment of prisoners.

"Unlawful combatants" is a made up term. No mention is made in the uniform code of military justice or in the Geneva conventions. The law is clear in that those captured via combat or in conficts be housed in the same conditions as their guards.

The Oregonian story ends, as these have been doing, with a quote from Senator Walden who is apparently in agreement with Defazio on basing the standards of humanity on such a low level, "I'd daresay we're treating them better than the women of Afghanistan were treated.".

Welcome to hell - we are making it.

Wait and see 28.Jan.2002 15:26


Because I thought I'd missed it on Oregon Propoganda Broadcasting - or that OPB had simply skipped Peter's comments - I called his 1-800 number today (Monday 1/28) and was told that he had not yet issued a statement, but would be doing so "soon."
I'm not happy with the delay, but will wait and see before firing off a letter to DeFazio - and, if necessary, OPB.