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PDX Street-demo drums (meeting)

A meeting has been called for people interested in forming a politically based street demonstration drum squad.
Everybody like the Infernal Noise Brigade, right? They're the group that comes down from Seattle to kick some life into Portland's street demonstrations with their drums, horns, megaphones, and energy of resistance (you've seen them at Mayday 2001 and George II's recent visit). Well, a couple of people in Portland want to get something like that going on down here.
Come to the Red&Black Cafe (SE 22nd/Division St.) on Monday, Jan 28 @ 7 p.m. to help build this group, offer advice, or just see what it's all about. Pleas e-mail me if you have any questions or want to get involved!

ANARCHISTS? 27.Jan.2002 13:46


WHAT I LIKE BEST ABOUT THE I.N.B. Is thier comitment to ANARCHY. Someone on another comentary seemed confused about thier dress.(GREEN/BLACK) I play a few instruments and would be down, but am troubled by your use of the word POLITICAL. I really don't want to suffer under the blight of hierarchy that is RAMPANT in portlands nACTAVIST "scene" What are we talking about here? A few of us taking drums to some wank state sanctioned pdx rallys? Or just, maybee, forming a music cell that's down for a radical shift twards epowering the local spirit of RESISTANCE?

It goes without saying 27.Jan.2002 21:15


INB is known as Anarchist. They should clarify the political point-of-view during their first meeting. As a far, far leftist and former drummer I would love to show up, but am too busy over the next few months. Maybe later.

Suggestions: Incorporate the colors Red and Black in costuming, and consider the significance of roses as a graphic theme in identifying the group as being from the Rose City, if and when the group travels out of town.

Keep us posted on meetings, I may have time later for it.