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If you're a victim of oppression, then you are Palestinian as well. (by Latuff)

Copyright-free cartoon by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff on behalf of brave Palestinian people.

Support International Campaign for Justice for the Victims of Sabra & Shatila. Click on the link below for details.
If you're a victim of oppression, then you are Palestinian as well. (by Latuff)
If you're a victim of oppression, then you are Palestinian as well. (by Latuff)

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The Klansmen are Palestinian 26.Jan.2002 02:52


What's the difference between bombing a church and opening fire on guests at a bat mitzvah? I see no difference between the actions of the Klan and Hamas.

Any sympathy I may have had towards a Palestinian state has been dissolved by the actions of the bloodthirsty maniacs who slaughter innocent civilians in reprisal for the actions of the IDF.

Timothy McVeigh could quite easily say "I am Palestinian." He probably believed in the so-called "International Jewish Conspiracy" as well.

here we go again racist-based blaming 27.Jan.2002 00:00

act up

No one ever blames all of the US for the actions of the millions of racists in our midst.
By that logic then one is immediately blamed for all the actions of the Klan who may share the same ideals (well lets hope not). I am noticing an intense pressure to blame all arabs and those of that descent for the actions a few.

One would wish for a home land also if one's "country" (in reality concentration camps) was consistently squeezed by perpetual military lock down. The latest air strikes are on the same moral basis as machine-gunning a enitire village to catch one murderer. Notice the rationale being given and is unquestioned "we struck Hebron because the bombers came from there" or "we demolished 15 homes because one person was firing from that village". Anyone thinking like this should just go and join the IDF. That can be done from what I last heard. However, don't go joining an arabic cause or donating to a Palestinian charity anytime soon.

Criticizing Terrorism is not Racism 27.Jan.2002 18:32


First off, don't ever throw that word "racist" around lightly. Criticizing terrorist actions and the passive-aggressive leadership of Yasser Arafat is by no means racist.

Let me ask you: is killing unsuspecting civilians with car bombs and bombs attached to one's person heroic?

If Arafat wants people to support his cause of a Palestinian homeland, he must act swiftly and sharply against Hamas and Islamic Jihad, and not stand idly by, as Palestinian security forces did when a mob freed suspected terrorists from a Bethlehem jail.

I supported Molly Ivins' plan for a demilitarized Palestinian homeland funded by other Arab countries. Until this rash of terrorism is squelched, I do not support the idea.