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Bush Daddy Manifestations

Their moronic antics never stop!
In the light of the universal lack of response to the "The Closet" Id=120932, my Daddy said that it must be the best poem ever written; futhermore that is one of the reasons "Why They Love Bob Meade So Much" Id=76394. It brought the censors of U-C IMC out of the "closet" to remove it from Minnesota IMC; thus I have been repeatedly posting it on U-C IMC. It seems like Houston, Arizona, and Utah IMCs have been permanently disabled by interlopers in order to avoid this poem. It must be love! Let the critics read that poem out loud like they hated it; and they will find out what perfect poetry is all about. Or have them try to write three or four comparable verses. As for the gays who revealed the contents of that poem in an attempt to get all gays to come out of the "closet"; you should know that they probably succumbed to AIDS, which is probably "Anthrax: An Ancient Scourge" Id=82672. This genocidal practice has probably been so perfected that todays AIDS victims can be disposed of with nary a trace of the alleged karposi sarcoma, which is probably contact Anthrax. Could exhumations disproving the myth of the AIDS virus do anything to counter the communication glitch that is the mainstream media? Probably not if they are so busy using Anthrax on the entire population. If it comes to medicating those seeking treatment with drugs containing Anthrax, remember that is probably a repeat of the AIDS scenario. Having observed that Anthrax exposure produces cloudy urine, it is likely that all the hoopla about T-cell counts was just another way of talking about white blood cell counts; thus AIDS was probably just a fancy name for mononucleosis arising from exposure to Anthrax.

Here is more news related to surviving the plagues made manifest by Bush Daddy's Tribe. As a result of the brake dust (Id=120932) in the air here, I have been looking into ways to improve my makeshift air filter (Id=60292). Having observed that the cooking oil on the microfil mat pad became rancid after a while, I will soon try mineral oil instead. Vigorous aerobic exercise seems to be the best remedy for whatever fibers have been inhaled. I have also noticed the appearance of fancy air filters with $100 HEPA filters on the market, filtering to .3 Micron. Consider that there are approximately 2,000 atoms in a Micron and that sulphur and acids are atom-sized contaminants; and you will understand why the baking soda-soaked sheet is an essential component of my air filter. I believe that most illness is caused by acids in the air. In the food arena, I bought two five pound bags of potatoes for $4 to discover that they had probably been left in the sun until they had started to turn green. Although they were not that green or bad, let me tell you here that truly green potatoes are about the most toxic food that you can eat. Ever wonder about the "bite" in French Roast and other popular coffee? Do you think that is caffeine? Strong coffee has a malted taste to it; thus I suspect that somehow the ground coffee or the beans are being spiked with "No-Dose". I've also noticed the return of nitrous oxide as a popular form of anesthesia. "Turn the gas up Doc!" Don't they understand that it probably works by depriving the brain of oxygen? Most pain and pleasure drugs apparently work the same way. And keep in mind that 100% alcohol, the fifth most potent poison known to man, will probably kill you before it begins to deprive the brain of oxygen.

On the musical scene, hopefully the "New Earth Cafes" everywhere are charging $5 to hear some loser sing "Dummy Line" (Id=58354), for the opportunity to steal copies of my articles that are being churned out by a high-speed copier. There are a lot better songs than that; but it is hard to make perfect music when Bush Daddy Tribe is making such an effort to suppress it. Although it was a prophetic song of one of the most memorable years of my life, I am not being prejudiced when I say that Gale Garnett's "We'll Sing in the Sunshine" is the best song ever written. She was probably discouraged from using; "But darling don't you love me, I'll soon be out of sight!" in order to make it less than perfect from the beginning. If you have ever sang and laughed in the sunshine, you would understand how that maniacal line: "We laughed every day!" can actually bring back the feelings of those happy hours if you put your heart into it and shout that line. "Gee! I hope he's not laughing at me! On the other hand, he's probably laughing at you!" There is a lot of music that is right up there; but you probably never hear it because it is too good. David Clark or somebody wrote an excellent version of "Catch Us If You Can" that seemed to be confined to underground radio stations. "King of the Road"; "Hammer Song"; "I've Gotta Be Me!"; "Can't Stop Loving"; "Dock of the Bay"; and the best of the Beatles, "I'm a Loser" are songs that are apparently suppressed in a conscious effort to degrade music. There are suppressed songs of tribute and remembrance that seem to be especially written for the fallen Israelites (Id=93509). Although God can pay tribue by sending eagles to honor a dog that "laughed every day" (Id=85389) or a torrential downpour to honor Sarah Hajney and Jennifer Bolduc, songs like "And I Love Her" and "The Last Thing on My Mind" can really show God and the world that the spirit of the fallen ones lives on. I don't know if Tom Paxton was singing under the influence or what, but "The Last Thing on My Mind" should be a slow very emotional song, and the last verse should be: "Your country and nation are forming! Without you! Without you! Your God reigns and awaits your returning! Without you! Without you!" This seemed to be a prophetic song written for the fallen Israelites until that last verse. Julia Ward Howe's "Battle Hymn of the Republic", the ultimate prophetic song of has also been tampered with, for I noticed that the 21st edition of the "Golden Book of Favorite Songs" has four or five different words than the earlier editions. May the best music be heard.

In respect to my 12/18/01 abduction at Cornell(Id= 108404), I sent an editted version of my 1/11/02 letter to Cornell President Rawlings (Id=118297) to various Senators in Washington, DC. It seems like most of them didn't get through as a result of my not having an E-mail address. It seems like this requirement is an inoffensive way to harass people. Even if the Senators will accept E-mail without an E-mail address; their noting that it is required makes it so that anyone can block transmission of messages, saying that they are the ones entitled to do so. The best recourse is to require either a mailing address or an E-mail address, for I bet that my having an E-mail address would result in an untraceable deluge of "love" letters. After all: "I'm the prettiest one!" My efforts to contact DC did result in my seeing a government vehicle with the eagle logo of what I suspect was "Selective Service". Whether they were up on campus getting my antagonists to confess to capital crimes or they were affixing the "Bill" seal to their foreheads, I don't know; but my assigned lawyer telling me that I was crazy and kicking me out of her office yesterday made clear that my best option is to prevent this travesty from going any further. This lawyer would not let me say a thing about the case and claimed to be an extremely busy lawyer after informing me three weeks ago that I was her first case. (Bush Daddy Lawyer in the making?) I learned today that the woman who issued me my Cornell Id in August had retired (prob. on 12/17/01); but I was able to confirm that the Id was valid. It seems like these lawless ones will resort to "strongarming" the judge, the lawyer, or anyone else into doing their bidding; thus the best recourse is probably to punish them immediately and accordingly for any crimes that they confess to and let them prove that was wrong (Id=115043). I committed no crime, and these two officers tried to make like I was violent when they threw me in the myrtle after I started yelling to call attention to their abduction of me. Behind my back the officer who is also a Dryden officer told the judge that I might have bitten him; but I have heard no more about that probably because he found out that he had been gnawing on himself. "Candid Camera" would surely go out of business if we had films of the manifestations of Bush Daddy Tribe.

Referenced articles are on www.indymedia.org.. To access via Id#, access any article, change the Id=# in the address bar, and press "Enter".

Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger

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Postscript 26.Jan.2002 15:43

Bob na

P.S. So they dumped what was probably contact Anthrax on me last night
when I was posting at Kinkos. This brought back memories of what I sensed
was in the air when I visited an AIDS treatment center around the 1500 block
of R or T Streets Northwest in Washington, DC in the early 90s. This stuff is
different than the Anthrax that I described in my article on Anthrax in that it
produces a prickly feeling on the skin and in the lungs; plus it results in a
productive cough in proportion to the amount of exposure; i.e. probably what
they were calling TB among AIDS patients. The instantaneously debilitating
effect of the other type of Anthrax is not as noticeable with contact Anthrax and
seems to take a lot longer to become evident; but that is what enables one to
differentiate between contact Anthrax and the prickly feeling in the lungs
produced by unscathed asbestoes fibers (Id=60292). That's what my Daddy

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