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Feds Shut Down Raisethefist.com; Indymedia Next?

Federal Agents today raided the home and confiscated the servers and all political literature of the founder of www.raisethefist.com an anarchist indymedia website.
Please educate yourselves about the continuing incursion of the federal government into all of our basic rights. In a blatent act of selective harrassment, federal law enforcement and security personnel with the aid of local law enforcement have raided the home of the founder of the website that stood for real resistence to the injustice of the current corporate wolld hegemony. If you havent already heard anything about this, find out more here. Indymedia could well be next if we dont do anything about the crimes of the federal government:

What are the charges? 25.Jan.2002 07:10

Mike stepbystepfarm@shaysnet.com

We need this info pronto.

The "authorities" aren't stupid. I don't for one minute doubt that their MOTIVATIONS for this raid, this arrest, are political. But at the same time I don't expect to see "bad politics" on the charge sheet. Nor will the actual charges necessarily be fabrications. We really better find out more about what is going on before leaping to the defense.

Saving Indie Web Sites 25.Jan.2002 18:41


Too bad about the site, watch out when you post pictures of undercovers though (at least in a public forum). The best way to do that is to pick out the narc and IMPLY that he is a narc, that way they can't get you for the interference as you were just making fun of the dooshbag following you around.

I had a nice Freemason-Templar-Triad site that got axed by 50megs.com a few months back. They didn't even ask me to change the content or nothing, just pulled it like all my work/opinions meant shit.

My suggestion for indie news sites is to definitely have your own server boxes with at least one removable hard drive (run non-windows please). Boxes and hard drives can be "smuggled" around pretty easy, plus you don't have to deal with having to change hosts every time you turn around.

Also, for those who love true indie sites, i suggest getting a nice and handy web site mirroring tool like HTTrack Website Copier (Offline Browser for Windows and Unix). It will basically "spider" through the web site and save all the files for your continuous (non-narc interupted) viewing pleasure. It doesn't create the folder structure, but at least you will have the info and can later create a mirror if your favorite indie site gets "nuked" by the man.