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"Ethical" Vegetarians are Hypocrites

what is ehtical vegetarianism?
I am failing to see any reasonable or honest analysis of ethical vegetarianism. If one believes that all animals are sentient beings and deserve the same moral and ethical treatment as humans I don't see how one can still support agricultural interests like the dairy industry. I am assuming these people claiming to be vegetarians still consume animal products like milk and cheese. If killing another "sentient" being is morally wrong then how is enslaving an animal for its entire life, separating it from its offspring, and using it for the sole purpose of producing milk for humans morally acceptable? Enslaving other human beings is a horrendously immoral act.. Also another question for you moral vegetarians. What happens to all of these "milk" cows when they no longer can produce milk? What happens to all of the steers that are born and cannot produce milk? The are raised for beef and killed that what. Even by buying milk you are supporting an industry that raises animals in inhumane conditions. The dairy industry has suffered major corporate takeover and small family dairies cannot remain in business due to 1960's milk prices and stiffened environmental regulations. Cows are now milked 70 at a time on a giant turnstile 24/7 on these giant corporate run 10,000 head dairies. My advice is for you all to get a fucking clue to what really is going on and be very careful making statements as bold as being an ethical vegetarian and someone of heightened spiritual status. But hey " Dont panic its organic" and go apply another Band-Aid to your conscience.
nuance 25.Jan.2002 01:56


I am a vegetarian, working towards veganism. I wanted to make one comment: I emphatically do NOT believe "that all animals ... deserve the same moral and ethical treatment as humans". But I do believe that they deserve much better treatment than they currently get.

What is "ethical" vegetarianism 25.Jan.2002 04:51

dairy cow

i have never heard the term "ethical vegetarian" before. it is nonsense. you could be veggy for what you deem to be "ethical" reasons but thats another matter. people are veggy for all sorts of reasons. please note the orginal definition of vegetarian - is someone who avoids all animal products -including dairy. as for "heightened spritual status" what the hell is that? i've been vegan for six years or so and it has nothing to do with my spritual status and i do not think animals are "equal" to humans. i don't need animal products to be healthy and enjoy good food so i don't support such shitty industries as the beef and dairy industries. i don't like what oil companies do to places like the ogoniland in nigeria and also try to avoid avtivities such as driving a car as much as possible but its not as easy, to avoid the oil industry as being vegan. being vegan is a synch, an easy way to show your personal protest over the crappy treatment of animals and the environment. there's no "spiritual status involved". i cringe sometimes at labelling myself "vegan". labels are bullshit. step out of your house ready to be a happy little consumer and make decsions each day as to what bullshit you want to avoid and support. keep the spritual nonsense to yourself.

who made you the judge? 25.Jan.2002 08:24

lover of animals

why not come off of the moral high horse and allow those who want to avoid animal products do so for whatever reasons they feel personally compelled. And there are many...spiritual included.

Thanks for the info! 25.Jan.2002 09:21


Thanks for spreading this message! More people need to learn about it. Go to  http://www.peta.org ,  http://www.milksucks.com ,  http://www.shazzie.com/ ,  http://www.thegardendiet.com/ ,  http://www.wholisticraw.com/ , and  http://www.rawfoods.com/faq.html to learn more.

Milk sucks!

thanks for your divisive rant 25.Jan.2002 10:01


the meat industry just loves it when food-consuming minorities attack each other instead of working together. thanks for helping them out.

stick up your ass 25.Jan.2002 11:33


fuck caleb, your righteousness is really annoying. apparently you have a beef (HA!) with someone you know who claims to be an "ethical vegetarian". fucking take it up with them since it fucks your day up so bad. i'm not vegan but i eat vegan when possible. is that sort of ok with you? but on the other hand i ride a bike everywhere i go, surely you've got an opinion on the auto/oil industry. i even ride to my dads in vancouver...on my fixed gear! shit i'm so fucking bad ass. hey all you people who don't ride bikes everyday and opt for the bus or go for a ride with your buddy somewhere in his car, fuck off. don't you know what you're doing to the environment? you selfish pricks. i'm sonicbees and i'm here to belittle you in an attempt to make you see things my way. shit, why won't you listen to me?!? i know i'm right anyway.

response to 1/24 thread on vegetarianism 25.Jan.2002 11:55

caleb Padgett

This post was a response to yesterdays thread on vegetarianism. Threre were some of the posters, not all, who claimed that killing animal is worng and they dont believe it is right to eat animals. I can fullly understand this argument but how could such a person still support dairy industry for example.Don't all 'sentient' being deserve the same treatment Ethical veganism definately makes a good argument to me on the basis of morals. They do not consume animal by-products and do not directly suport the meat/dairy industry. This is not an attempt to create dissent with vegetarians or whatever else you are claiming. It sounds like you may be just a little defensive. I am hoping people will carefully examine the basis for their arguments and acknowledge whatever assumptions your argument is making. Especially the reasoning behind not killing sentient beings but still enslaving them and supporting an industry that will just kill them in the end and make shoes and footballs. Still no one have given me a good definition or reasoning of ethical vegetarianism. I understand the health benefits of not eating meat but dont start telling me that killing animals is wrong while you sit back and sip on your latte and directly support this induistry you are claiming so wrongfully treats animals.

Ignorance is bliss 25.Jan.2002 16:22


Say, o holier than thou, go and investigate the actual feed stocks for most soil amendments and fertilizers certified for organic use by oregon tilth, and then explain to me just what you're gonna eat. Perhaps you should try life as a breatharian...

no ignorance is bliss 25.Jan.2002 21:15

struggling to be human

it seems that the issue of vegetarianism has got more than one ire up. our food choices do indeed have a profound impact on the world around us. it is imperative that we all do our part, whatever that part is. if i choose to be vegetarian for spiritual reasons, why does anyone feel the need to refute my truth - MY truth

and the truth is that we can feed 60 million more people if americans cut their meat consumption by JUST ten percent. to me if i give up 100 percent of my share it is a personal spiritual statement re how i want to be in the world.

let everyone choose to forgo meat for the reasons that make sense to them. at least some of us are trying, even though we may be struggling.