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Activists Run Off Road on Way To Bush Protest

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When George W. Bush came to Portland, Oregon on January 5th, activists from around the Northwest came to protest. A handful from Eugene never made it. Three miles north of Salem on I-5, a silver/gray sedan came from behind, used no turn signals, and maneuvered sharply toward the activist's vehicle. According to the accident report, the driver veered immediately to avoid collision and sent the car into a spin. A line of bushes slowed their car and it came to a rest with no one injured. The silver/gray car disappeared.

A black SUV was parked on the other side of the highway for approximately 15 minutes while those in the car dealt with state emergency vehicles and a tow truck. Its engine was running and no hazard lights were flashing. Three activists attempted to approach the vehicle while another videotaped the incident. Before the activists could get close enough to see inside, the SUV sped away.

No one knows for sure what happened that day, and you can draw your own conclusions. Given the intense security that day in Portland and prior Secret Service investigations in Eugene concerning the cable-access TV show Cascadia Alive, it seems possible that the near-collision wasn't an accident. One way or the other, many people are taking the incident as a sign that we all need to be taking security concerns far more seriously. Don't let yourself be easy for the state to respond to however it wants to. The element of surprise is one of the few tools we have. Though the state knows who many of us are, it doesn't have to know where and when we're anyplace in particular. The state is deadly serious about its agenda and all who resist it need to be careful.

Parinoid ? 16.Jan.2002 00:20


Sounds like you should seek professional help, if you really think they would waste a bit of time on you and your coherts you are drunk.

Love Debbie

re: Paranoid? NO! 16.Jan.2002 19:01

Ms Bush

Yes I do think they have all the time and money to waste on whatever they please. You are foolish to believe they don't. They are smelly pigs and it's their job to waste our money any way they see fit. Besides it doesn't cost a dime of time to run some people off the road does it? In fact, it might get them to the end of that blind alley a little faster.

I am sick of lame posters simply castagating 17.Jan.2002 11:43



instead of simply accusing others and throwing salt into peoples eyes why don't you actually post something worthwhile. I for one support my community and people willing to post their first hand accounts whether they seem ludicrous or not. You do not know anything, at least you do not show so in your posts, so why don't you just shut up.