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Chemtrails banned with HR 2977

With the house bill HR 2977, Rep. Kucinich of Ohio and his two co sponsors are teh first US officials to admit the existence of chemtrails.
Chemtrail activists from around the country, and especially Ohio, where a large protest was held at Wright Patterson Airforce Base last June, are probably already aware of this monumental breakthrough. For those who don't know about chemtrails and how they affect our health, check out the web site listed above.

This covert operation has been in effect for the last three or so years. The skies are murky with trails here in the Northwest and around the country. Even on cloudy days, planes are laying down tracks above the clouds and deep into the night. The expression "hide in plain sight" fits this situation perfectly. Many do not seem to recognize the trails or distinguish them from normal contrails. But the evidence is there, if you start looking up, and looking into it. It is a world wide phenomenon and seems to effect every NATO country.

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chemtrail nightmares and questions 14.Jan.2002 22:54

ospreyphire ospreyphire@yahoo.com

we were chemtrailed yesterday in eastern oregon with several planes at high elevations making many criss cross patterns and even a star pattern above the upper john day river country. about an hour later the weather began dramatically changing from sunny and mild to hazy becoming cloudy, windy and cold. still learning the extent of chemical toxins involved --with many questions as to why this is happening--want a public exposure/investigation of it all--it is definitely creepy!