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Did the people of Portland lose faith?

simply an open question....take what you want and leave the rest...
fill me in...on what THAT ; means to y o u.
thank you .
Jah Guide....

pormote peace in a hostile environment.
terrorist threats from cops gave way to fear 11.Jan.2002 09:33

peace rebel girl

If you are referring to the Bush visit then I would say YES, there was perhaps a loss of faith. We took over the streets for a brief moment in history but I think that we (as a group) were daunted beyond action when riot cops and cops using their horses as weapons began threatening us.

The swift dissolve in people was disheartening to me because we had enough numbers out there to effectively close down that intersection for a good long while, which would have had a profound impact.

Love has to replace that fear so that we can begin to make some inroads NOW. With the military now in the Phillipines, things are growing more serious quickly. There is no time to have a loss of faith.

NO! I Many of us gained strength... 11.Jan.2002 15:51

fully awake...!

No, Many of us did not lose faith after the BUSH attack on Oregon. Here is why. Although many of you think only 1000 people showed up at the protest. In reality several hundred community activists were there. What happens when we get together is we network. Community activists from Ashland, Medford, Eugene, Bend, Corvallis, Salem, Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco were there. We talked to each other...we compared notes...we exchanged email addresses and phone numbers...AND WE ARE MAD AS HELL.

Many of us have been so busy fighting on the local level: hunger, joblessness, homelessness, AID/HIV, local KKK politicians, sexism, racism, ageism...you name it. We did not have time to go to mass marches. But BUSH is destroying so many social systems of support that all of showed up to tell him to STOP! and that we do not support his facist tactics.

We are now communicating in mass by email to our local communities. We are planning the next event and we are TAKING A DEEP BREATH. The shit is hitting the fan. We have not lost hope and we have just begun to fight. See you all in Salem on February 2...for the Oregon Peace Festival II.


There are activists in Bend?!? 11.Jan.2002 19:40

Chris Pangle fan_letters@hotmail.com

I'm from Bend and I never knew there was AN activist there, let alone activistS... go figure. There's a lot there for them to work on.